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Book Review 
William A Tiller
Science and Human Transformation
(Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness)
Pavior, Walnut Creek, Ca, USA
ISBN 0-9642637-4-2

William Tiller has become known for his research on consciousness.
He studied one of the most famous psychics in the USA, Ingo Swann (who also worked with the CIA).
By his research Bill Tiller showed that objects, measurably, carry and convey intent.
The following book review summarises the core contracts of his book "Science and Human Transfomation.
The book was written for a broad audience. This opens the possibility for students in science before they are trained from their open interest in this matter may know.

The essence of the book is summarized on the back cover:
"Matter" Energy "Awareness: This book takes you beyond the fourth dimension, the step that Einstein would not take".

That section deals with the work done by Tiller on the light border.In one calculation, he showed that the energy you need to limit the light to go on the other side of it is released again.This means that the energy needed to integrate into the surroundings.Its inclusion in the area is what our body does all the time.That is what is happening in the contact of one cell to another.That is what Bill Tiller describes a direct relevance to health and healing.In this book, which will not direct attention.He focuses on the reconciliation which our bodies into our environment: through awareness.The way he does puts consciousness in a totally different light.The concept of consciousness arises from the coherence of atoms.Crystallography (regular grids of atoms) was the first field in which Dr. Tiller was known.He has previously also help design more devices capable of delivering electromagnetic fields and devices are to be suppressed by the use of such regular grids.In this book, however, he systematically in a row, on what he considered of consciousness.

The book is structured into 7 parts.Each chapter highlights a different perspective on the theme of consciousness: 1) the need for a different approach in physics, 2) reasons why we no longer think in models of closed systems, 3) examples of the high sensitivity of our body, 4)the development of transcendental perception, 5) the principle of consistency, 6) basic instruments for promoting our consistency and 7) responsible use of Earth.The final chapter brings together not only in principle what has been described in earlier chapters, but also why all these perspectives are important: it is our integration into our environment.That is the essence of health, which is why we whole book to read from that perspective.

For those familiar with the subtle healing, this book offers a sound conceptual basis for what they offer cures.It describes various studies and experiments, but also discusses the theory and the need for the development of various theoretical models.
For those who know the work of Bill Tiller, the underlying idea still recognizable.It remains to be seen what crystal lattices: the relationship between individual atoms in very large contexts.That is the key to understanding his work on higher speeds than the speed of light: when there is consistency, it no longer waves but wave groups, the calculation for this is different.It's that mindset that is also used to think in terms of separate cells, but coherent groups of cells: tissues and organs.Also playing there linked in the same movement a decisive role.Here too we can think in terms of closed systems, open systems.That is the key to direct them to understand paranormal phenomena.That his observations with a larger signal (wave pattern) within a smaller system (a cell or a body) is experienced.It is this experience that this book describes various ways as consciousness.The result is that this book is a very different access to the understanding of consciousness than in books on psychiatry, psychology or philosophy can be found.It is here portrayed as a universal principle of coherence, as the matter can be found, including in our body.It seems a paradox: this book provides insight into the role of consciousness, from the consistency of matter.It is precisely in the examples of the talents of Ingo Swann, measurements on Qi Gong and the aura, and our commitment to the Earth that show that it is not a description of matter, but an approach to experience.Again, this is of direct interest in medicine and healing.

Chapter 1 works towards a hypothesis that a new approach to physics is presented.In the body come together two complementary principles: matter and information.The matter has to do with electrical fields like chemicals in space-time.The information has to do with magnetic fields, the chemistry of thoughts and a reverse space-time.Bill Tiller is known that he presents what he has carefully considered and heartfelt.The examples which he supported the formula in this section are typical of how consistency can be seen in the properties of matter, and our bodies.But it always comes to the relationship / information.The studies he did with Ingo Swann are an example: the remote moving objects.This here is not in question, it is simply measured.These kinds of publications, many endless discussions about paranormal events to silence.The same applies to the study of children with extrasensory perception and striking examples of photographic images of invisible phenomena.

Chapter 2 debunks the reductionist thinking.For the testing of life and consciousness is much too limited, say: useless.It is, therefore, to other models to use.That requires different ways of thinking.This chapter summarizes several examples together.Yoga and Qi Gong are with freqentie analysis and holograms.For those who understand the mathematics of waves a little better here is a direct link was made between what can be described in mathematics, and what we experienced in body and mind.The 'framework' for this way of thinking lies in the relationship between waves and wave groups.The difference with the physics (classical quantum theory) is that based on the quantum (Planck's constant) as a basic measure of the universe.In golf there are three sizes, a total of four units that are consistent, in the order of 10-7 [m] (H atom photons), 10-17 (vector boson), 10-28 (full integration constant) and 10-31 (Planck distance).Together indicates that understanding of the different forms of coherence that can be found in nature.The differences are not only based on the interactions between particles (cf. cells), as well as between groups (cf. organs, bodies).Verver different forms of consistency, we sometimes literally as the coherence of different shapes (see also the story of Hill in this Yearbook).On these scales, the differences of coherence can be seen as interference patterns of groups of waves.These have characteristic basic forms in which the archetypes of the symbols of all cultures can be identified.For example Figure 1.

FIGURE 1: Frequency spectra show diffractiemetingen archetypal forms in all cultures are known

FIGURE 2: The classical limit reality by Einstein (left), and the system boundary cohesion by Tiller (right) (William A. Tiller (1997) Science and Human Transformation (Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness)
Pavior, Walnut Creek, Ca, USA)

In the interplay of the different forms of cohesion is a different picture than that provided in the physics of Einstein described.Its standard form of the light border (Figure 2a) is now recognized as a system composed of such boundaries (Figure 2b).This gives a basis for understanding non-local effects.In the chapter of several examples: including remote sensing, homeopathy, the relationship between body and mind, and linking intention to matter.

Chapter 3 addresses the sensitivity of the body.All molecular structures function as antennas.In their interplay, they operate as complex antennas with a more focused and / or more specific distinctiveness.The properties of antennas and molecules (eg hormones) directly with each other, allowing the body's sensitivity to signals to understand.In nature are many examples of this.Our body is an example of the meridian system, the endocrine / chakra system is another example.Tiller summarizes the relationship between the two as a link between the material system and the information as described in Chapter 1.Similarly, the relationship between the chakras, glands and hormones to understand the effect that they are together, the combined system known as the aura.These fields are linked in the electric fields that activate the muscles to recognize.It provides the basis for the effects of osteopathy, kinesiology and dowsing to understand.The frequencies of this field can be measured in fluctuations of electrons (electric) and photons (light).In the body there is an extensive light-metabolism within the groups of molecules.The main organic molecules to identify their light absorption spectra.

Chapter 4 explores intentionality: the targeted use of Infomaterial body in and around our bodies.As the back cover of the book pointed out: this is where we must look beyond the four dimensions that Einstein limited himself to.Here we see the counterpart of our body as an object: the body as an integral part of the universe.In this context, we are not dealing with particles, but the interaction of waves.The integration system of our body is connected to our environment here, and this system can not only describe the formula Tiller (Chapter 1) but also learn to use.Here we must also think beyond perception of light, smell, sound and movement.This is also about our perception of thoughts, feelings and emotions, including dreams.These are also the instruments by which the non-local observation (Chapter 3) is dealt with, resulting in the need for them to be distinguished.That means we also conscious and unconscious processes must learn to recognize and distinguish: this is the meaning of learning meditation.The rest of the chapter provides examples of various modes of non-local observation, how we can experience, and a number of body systems they are connected (eg VAS, and lichaamspolariteiten).Tiller gives a scheme which is to understand how our body acts as a tool for recording, storing, transforming and delivering information.It is this relationship and interaction with the (information) environment where the rest of the book begins.

Chapter 5 deals with the increased coherence: health.In part that is displayed in the interplay of groups of waves, in part - that is the same - the connection between atoms in crystals, or photons in grids.It provides an easy way to learn to think in terms of holograms.It provides the insight that the relationship between energy and consciousness in the same way to understand.This leads to an understanding of the need to carefully deal with consciousness, and clearly distinguish what we are local, itself, to generate ideas and local, others detect.The possibility for confusion in communication between people is the same way to understand.There are instruments to be able to see and experience (heart tuner and HeartMath are examples).Heath Rate Variability can be used to appropriate the nature of the interaction between people to show.This also shows how our bodies and local non-integrated local information, the need to house them recognize this and use it.The transfer of feelings (eg care) in electrocardiograms show.The chapter ends with a simple technique for alignment in a group of people to be suppressed by connecting lichaamspolariteiten

Chapter 6 deals with instruments that way the contact with the environment to recover.Geometrical forms (mandalas), water (homeopathy), electrical equipment (aerials) and interactive computers to respond to the levels of organization (Chapter 2) containing information related to matter.It is always about the link between the 'closed' / local / energetic system and the open / non-local / information is protected.Health and Healing is about the cross-interaction between part and whole, wave and wave group, matter and mind, body and perception (intention).

Chapter 7 puts it in context: our life on Earth.Also we are part of a whole, even there the point is that we learn to work with that ensemble.That which the heart can be seen (Chapter 5) is "leading" our interaction with our environment: 1) the universe, 2) self, 3) society and 4) the Earth.Tiller makes explicit that this interaction greatly disturbed by wrong perceptions that are stored as false beliefs.It often goes on the opinions of others who do not themselves tested, and not based on personal experience.Who work in the opposite, making the person experiences himself as disconnected from the environment.He gives examples: what one normally finds (which paranormal left out), classical science (which modern science partly obsolete), collective belief systems (where individual achievement is sometimes no place), standardization of adult communication (allows their direct experience of children or people with special experiences no place given).His list of considerations, he also relies on the points of concern expressed by Ingo Swann, the para-normal gifted person he has been extensively studied.It is precisely these experiences that Tiller in his model, it gives and can help explain.

The book gives a fundamentally different basis for understanding our bodies and lives.The same laws in modern physics for the matter to be understood - the interplay between local and non-local effects - are described here as the relationship between matter and consciousness as we experience in our body.The same medicine in a more practical way to understand the interplay between health and healing.It is through the reference to the fundamental relationship in nature (where part and whole, expatriate and local integrated) it gives a clear basis for the 'irregular' forms of healing: that close, as the book shows late, wellto what is described in modern medicine.

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