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Bjorn was Nordenström radiologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.His work shows that we have in our body have a full control system, in which electricity is central.It is a separate system, not physical, not chemical, but with the whole body is connected.This is a system.This is evident from the fact that disease is associated with changes in the electrical flow.By restoring the electrical circulation, cure diseases too.This is why the work of the TIG Nordenström among readers known.Many will work from Nordenström principles recognize that traditional medicine is also known.Remarkably, his book was already published in 1983, but the insights it has still not been integrated into the medical curriculum.The work of Nordenström adds a whole new dimension to our understanding of the human body.It has an electrical component, with its own electrical system.In the body are electrical circuits and channels.All cellular functions and molecular exchanges should be understood in electrical terms.It means that we on the whole body a "low" to describe additional means everything has to do with electricity.To that end Nordenström also adds a term to describe our body ionars.These electric fields that direct cells to 'feed'.This gives us a deeper understanding of the complexity and coherence of our body.

A book review can do justice Nordenström work.His book (358 pages) is full of info, photos, pictures, tables, charts and evidence.He shows a systematic manner that considering our bodies as anatomical object, or physiological process, not enough.In our body is also an electric circulation, beyond the flows that we EMG, ECG and EEG measurements.For him it was a surprise to find out.In his work as a radiologist, he discovered that tumors around an area that ...he noticed.By that test, he realized that the anatomical defect on the X-ray image can be seen to do with changes in an electric field around the tumor.He discovered that if taking that electric field is changed - conversely - that the tumor disappears.This not only shows that electrical currents and anatomical changes related, but apparently that electric currents can control the physiological processes, perhaps even determine.His book describes what he discovered in that area.

The book's format follows the footsteps of his discovery: the starting point was his observation of corona around a lung neoplasm.That he first corona around other inflammatory foci compared: as silicosis.Then he went to see how the electric field was different than found elsewhere in the body: lung, pleura and liver.He came to Folder on anything else by Robert Becker (YEAR) is described: wound repair is banged by electric currents in the body.From there he is in his study of these electric body processes.What do we know about physics in this area?What is the role of water?What is the effect of molecules on the electric field?It leads him to formulate a new insight: in our body has a separate electrical system.He works out how these circuits are formed, how the energy exchange takes place, which turn on and off those flows, and how the corona around a tumor causes.From this insight he arrives at an understanding of tissue changes due to electric field changes around a tumor, and how that knowledge can be used therapeutically.His insight is more general than that described in his work: the existence of a biological control electrical system deserves our attention.

All body processes have an electromagnetic component.This is expected, because matter is made of molecules formed from atoms: a balance of electrons and protons.All cells have an electromagnetic component, based on differences in charge of molecules.What did Nordenström see is that in our body is a complex system of eddy currents exist, which charges between cells and molecules together are highly connected.It is directed flows into targeted circuits.This is a different process than the charge-discharge of lightning, which is a rather high voltage to low voltage discharge with a plague.It goes into our body has directed flow paths of power and electric circuit as now on a computer circuit to see.But then, if part of the consistency of our body.This bio-electrical potential gradients play system, redox potentials, degradation potentials and many other electrical phenomena in a body part.They all hang together, making them very difficult to define vivo.The work of Nordenström, showing that in our body aanwijsbase closed electric current biological cycles occur, making it more interesting.

Nordenström distinguishes various BCEC (Biologically Closed | Electrical Circuits) as VICC (Vascular Interstitial Closed Circuit).By knowing these cycles, it is also possible deviations from the normal electrical power flow to be determined.Surrounding areas of tissue damage or fracture, inflammation areas, granulomas or tumors have abnormalities in the electrical current image to find.Characteristic "Potential Tissue profiles" are taking to measure.These should be distinguished from weefselpotentialen example between different organs, which was determined that the voltage differences fluctuate and respond to changes in hormone levels.Hormones and enzymes are electrically active components, they change the ionization of molecules.Ion transport in the body is thus changed, thereby the electrical conductivity, and currents.The cargo in the vicinity of tissue is therefore changed, so other cells function.The chemical balance with an electric balance ("acid") attached.

The morphology of the electrically closed systems in our body has to deal with is determined by the different properties of the materials (see also the book review on the work of Fröhlich H).In the current medical books, the electrically-active sense of fat, bone, muscle, blood, body fluids, kidney, liver, lung and brain cells are not discussed.The electrical resistance depends on the cellular activity in it ..This electrical activity and changes in Nordenström corrosion tests were measured.(The streams from the tissues were used to anodiseringsreactie to turn, which efficacy was measured.) In vivo tests showed that the "large" vessels can be seen as power lines: conductor (blood) in an insulator (the vessel).The cells (and the interstitium) have a guide around which sea water is comparable.The existence of the "wiring" (blood vessels) can be deduced that the body of smaller power grids should be found.Flow tubes in the interstice and substances such as urine, peritoneal fluid and secretiekanalen of glands are probably part of it forms.

In a tumor is likely that the main electrical control system is the blood vessels to the tumor.If electrical system is quite simple.In detail shows that the situation is more complex.Each bio-electric in each case two redux potentials for the transfer of electrons.Blood flow consists of insulators (membranes of red blood cells) and conductors (blood plasma).There are also substances that act as capacitor: they can store electric charge, l and pay at a different time.Oxygen and glucose are examples thereof.Through ionic fluctuations play there, as with the release of substances into the bloodstream after a meal.These trips as an "electrical storm" by the system.Healthy tissue reacts differently than disrupted tissue, because healthy tissue in the electrical circuits are part of the coherence of the bio-electrical control of the entire body, while the electric circulation in an area as a pathological distortion can then be considered (an "interference field".) (See also the article on interference fields in the Yearbook of TIG).The way that nutrients released from the bloodstream is partly dictated by this.In a bio-electrical anomaly (a foreign body internal electrical circuit) will also encourage the local metabolism is disturbed.

Uses two types of energy metabolism: the chemical energy in the textbooks of physiology are described and ionic energy: direct electrical energy of ions.Nordenström introduces a few new concepts to the effect of the bio-electrical system to appoint.Besides, he introduces ergon ions (energy particles).Clouds of ions ionars he calls, he calls clouds of Ergon ergonars (water is a ergona).Together they can change the electric field and energy state in tissue (eg tumor) describe.Ergonars are normally electrically neutral, but these may be electrically active.Ergon is a one ion; electronegative.Conversely, ions are electrically neutralized by metabolic processes to Ergon.It is important to realize that the work of Nordenström requires that we understand our body an extra meaning.All bio-physical and bio-chemical processes must now also as bio-electrical processes are understood.Our body is an electrically controlled system.

The distinction between ergon and ions, we can deduce that there exist organisms which have the power to determine their metabolites metabolism.We know eels, we know that the kidneys filter the urine through electric fields, and it is known that the Golgi apparatus in a cell, a particle accelerator of electrons.(This can be converted ADP to ATP, the basic energy molecule in our body).In our body's energy system has four components: physical (volume pressure), chemical, electrical and gravity (coherence)).The body needs energy in a coherent form, and a dissolved form.It also speaks of a Matrix, and free energy.Traditionally this is called Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy.The functioning of our body is based on the targeted transformation between the two.The Ergon Energy must be enabled to be available for your environment.In the (ergonar) water, this can be seen in the conversion of water in the proton and ionars hydrolyl, and ergonars hydrogen and oxygen (which are included in the matrix).As already described in the knowledge that our bodies are electrically active, and its own electrical control system, we need that extra (ionar) aspect in energy metabolism also describe further.

Nordenström knew the biochemistry of the redux potential.What he also looked - but could not find in literature - is a testament to metal electrodes in tissue.(The reader may in this edition of TIG a summary finding of the work of the physicist H Fröhlich, which is precisely the metallic properties and superconductivity, in biology studied.) Nordenström appoint (which by Frohlich also described) the transition between cellamorphous organization and cellular structures.Specifically in the area can-pathology, the transition of cell organization to ce-inconsistency to see.What to Emoto's work can be seen in the form of the change in consistency (ergonar) water, the body is seen as the change in the morphology of the cohesion of cells.(See also the work of H. Fröhlich, in this Yearbook, and the summary containing the work of Cyril Smith about the relationship between coherent and amorphous gebiedjes in water.)'s Work Nordenström makes explicit that in the transitional areas - from morphology of cell organization- there appears to be interference between the full-body bio-electrical control system, and the disruption of local ("interference fields") by electrical circuits that are formed for example, tumors.(An interference field can it be seen as the interplay of locally altered metabolism, and locally altered vascularization. As Nordenström explains, we need it always electrical activation, interactions, currents and fields involved. Biomolecules, cell membranes, plasma and organs play it allthem. (H Fröhlich's work describes the details of the dielectric properties of such membranes, and how the consistency (coherence) of our body to determine.

The latter is likely to explicitly show the deposition of fibrous material in the intermediate in bio-electric circuits, similar to the precipitation that can be seen in electrodes.It means that the shape of our bodies is determined by electric fields.(This is what R by Becker (YEAR) is described for the design of the internal structure of our bones.) Such molecular electric deposits will continue as long as the layer thick enough to block the potential to isolate the tension.(The molecules act as an insulator.) DC fields are important in our body.The well-known anodic and cathodic reactions the textbooks describe both appear.Electrophoresis and field induction are basic mechanisms in our bodies.The distribution of pigment in red blood cells are thereby determined.(At a cathode in the center, with an anode of the cell wall).Electrical attraction and repulsion determine the movement of (red blood) cells in our body.Hemoglobin in red blood cell distribution is determined by electric fields.In areas of pathology, foreign distribution of celpigmenten found in clumps of cells, loss of coherence of electrical fields can explain this?Anodes attract leukocytes to: the vague term "chemotaxis" in fact electrophoresis?Probably.Anodes also cause thrombosis.Of platelets is known to electro-negative: Is the current wound the main factor for blood coagulation?Probably.(From Roleaux formation is known to be electrically determined.) It seems this way from emphysema body electric fields can be explained.Atherosclerosis seems to precipitate a fibrous material, as described above.

From his study of the radio corona around lung tumors Nordenström this in more detail.It is an example of a local disturbance of the electrical circulation, so the electric fields that the hormones and cells in directing their movement, but also the release of energy from Ergon and ions is different than elsewhere in the body.This means that locally in the body to another (electric) climate.(The Internal Environment is now in power should be understood.) Structural changes in and around like a cancer through the electric field / circulation changes to be determined.The cell changes to the image of a polarization, with an oppressing structures and morphological changes of tissues in an electric field interference.From the vision that the body in its cohesion by electric fields and currents is determined it makes sense to look for shows that this is the case.Would by electric fields in vitro, to reproduce the same defects.This was the case, water is electrophoresis in which the two layers of fat to produce a radiographically visible tumor.(The two layers are the result of the electric displacement of water which a water-scarce and water-rich fat is shown rounded tumor.) Deviation around other similar electrical interference / polarization images must be found.It was found that the distortion image is around the same benign and malignant tumors, and that the principle was the same for tumors in the lungs or the female breast.It is indeed a general principle.

Around a tumor, there is an electric field, the polarization of the movement of water is determined.The stratification that would result is radiographically visible.In a tumor, the consistency of the lost cell structures: cell distributions and other cell shapes occur.The accumulation of leukocytes around the tumor was determined by electrophoresis.The deposition of fibrous material from electric fields is already described above.Its also a consequence of the disruption of local electric fields?Is to reduce this to the perception that the normal bio-electrical system on site is distorted, and cell nutrition celtransporten which differs from the undisturbed situation?In vitro, an electrical circuit that leads to transformation of tissue and cell components.Microscopic fibroblast-like cells formed radially around the anode.Microscopic compaction membaan-like tissue was found around the cathode.Intermediate polarity reversal of the electrodes leads to a mixture.Within this local electric field produced in adipose tissue channels: a new local electrical system in the making.This looks like primitive tubes and capillaries.Elsewhere in the body is that of del bio-electrical circuit.It suggests that a local bio-electric circuit is.Research on breast adipose tissue has shown that the electric fields in a adenose develops.The development of a capillairstelsel, as in a tumor, was thereby found.Also enter into a microcalcificatie electric fields, which can be found in breast tumors.

The determining factor seems to be the emergence of local streams after trauma.In the metals before the term 'leakage current' is used.Fat is a poor conductor, water plays an important role in the effects of electric fields.During the investigation has shown that microbes are sensitive to electrical fields: the investigation showed the tissue to be protected against microbial degradation.(This also provides a basis for the occurrence of microbes in our body to understand, they also react to changes in the electric field, and can establish where the electric fields are distorted. Ed.) This is very low voltages and verysmall electrical currents.(This suggests that we should think differently about the distortionary effects of electrical appliances. Ed.) The streams of pacemakers may cause fat deposits is summarized in the hypothesis Nordenström states: Biological closed electric circuits (BCEC) canlead to physico-chemical polarization, leading to changes in structures of organs and cells.Conversely, a BCEC therefore be used to heal.

Spontaneous healing of cancer is common.Is this due to a wound electrical current, with activation VICC.Either: a locally developed flow field, which reflects the share of bio-electrical system is completely integrated?If this is successful, solves the local disturbance field on, and would bring electrophoresis cells attracted local tissue repair.This is insufficient then creates an accumulation of leucocytes, with fibrosis and thrombosering and other local effects that the tumor growth delay but not stop it because the energy not awarded.This was the basis for exploring and using the electric fields around a tumor normal electrical process could be restored.Here are two conceivable ways: 1) using the body's wound flow, and 2) the use of an external circuit.Option (2) is generally best to check, but Nordenström knew the electrical system is inadequate to the terms of option (1) to produce.It is possible to combine the two methods: first to build an external power, making the local disturbed flow field is disturbed.Once the local electrical power is interrupted biological circuit, the normal flow of local wound recover and lead to a cure.This approach has Nordenström applied to 26 patients.He used an anode placed in the tumor, thereby electrophoresis attracted by tumor cells to keep together.He had 50% healing within four months.The deceased patients died of metastases (half) the others due to other causes (such as alcohol abuse and suicide).Given the nature of the treatment - locally in the tumor - the approach has shown that the tumor by an electric field can be cured.

Nordenström It was clear that much on his technique was perfect.The local treatment was effective, and showed that a tumor can be understood as associated with a local disruption of biological electrical circulation.Naturally therefore arises to what extent we can get to know electrical system, and heal.From the research that Nordenström did is clear that the anomalies in and around a tumor is indeed in terms of disturbances of the body electric field can be understood.It is also clear that far too few of our bodies electrical system is known, for it directed them to work.It is also clear that the electrical currents in the body, through the "conductors" of the arteries, connecting all organs.Cells respond to electric fields.Molecules change their behavior in electric fields.Clearly, what Nordenström said that we all known physical processes and functions now have to find the electrical component.In principle, these small streams and low voltages over long periods: a long life.It is important to know the subtle relationship of this body network of electric currents can disturb, and educate.

Everything in the body, we must understand in another way: what is the electromagnetic power we get from our food?What is the physiology, anatomy is based on these electrical processes?How have the EEC.ECG and EMG measured with these internal processes to make electrical circuit currents?If the blood vessels conductors, and the heart per beat an electric boost to our whole body, being led to pulse through the bloodstream to the organs?How do the bodies, so their cells, the cardiac electrical impulse?The same question is to the EEC through the measured electrical activity of the brains.To what extent is this individual electrical system determines the transfer of thoughts through our body, what's next for the nervous system as described?It is clear that water is directly and strongly respond to these electric currents, which was so Nordenström this study could begin.The radiology was the lung tumors seen in a coronal two layers.That was the result of the disposal of water through the polarized electric field around the tumor.Other research has shown that the arrangement of water is vital for life.How is this directly to the organizing effects of electric fields on water-related?Despite the fact that the work of Nordenström was published in 1983, has only been little studied.In a different way in this area has developed a lot of new insight: there are more and more electrical diagnostic and therapeutic devices.It is likely that - as in his treatment showed Nordenström - electrotherapy of various kinds will increasingly be used.Also there is: it is more important to spell by Nordenström studied biological regulatory system of our body to know.

At the end of his book warns that many chemicals Nordenström a polarizing effect on our cells.These are often substances known as causative agents of cancer.It is possible that this has to do with the activation of exogenous electric currents in our body.(The same is true through masts and power plant. Ed.) Conversely, to study acupuncture based on the knowledge that our body connection is determined by a bio-electric system.This has an important consequence.An electrical circuit is sensitive to magnetic fields.By nature we have such a bond with the Earth magnetic field.Recently there are many unnatural fields added by electromagnetic devices.The way people react to a storm and lightning, we show that these fields have a great sensitivity.Research showed that electric fields the homeostasis of the body can disturb.Nordenström suggests that we, to protect us against the influence of strong electromagnetic fields, we have to live in a room with walls of steel, one inch thick ...Again, as long as we bioelectrical control system is not known (or its existence may even seem to deny), we have no good understanding of the impact of this technology to the health of our body.




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