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Several books, from different perspectives, help to understand health and healing.

Karl Pribram: Brain and perception: holonomy and structure in figural processing (1991)
Frank J. Tipler: The Physics of Immortality (1995)
Richard Gerber: Vibrational Medicine (1988)

The more people think, the more they learn to think. Some people even learn to think about their thinking. Some experience that thinking is based on more fundamental principles: beyond thought. The following anthologies of books written by different authors - from their different disciplines - have to think about consciousness: thinking and living.
Because they each from their own discipline, so training, we can handle it - and by a fly's eye - the same theme from different angles to see.

The following authors have been chosen:
Karl Pribram (understanding the mind), Frank Tipler (Physics of Immortality), Richard Gerber (vibrational medicine)

Karl Pribram: Brain and perception: holonomy and structure in figural processing (1991)
Of Pribram's hard to tell "what he is': doctor or mathematician, philosopher and pragmatist. The success of his work shows that he is everything, and a good combination. His work has changed tack in the field of consciousness and brain studies. Much of his insight, he developed together with Bohm, the physicist who hologram quantum field theory to describe. Pribram, also in mathematics' well on horseback, "thought the brain functions to recognize the Gabor function. (This is a mathematical description related to thinking in terms of holograms.) For those who are not familiar: a hologram is an interesting interplay between motion and rest, secure and formless. In principle it a hologram by a laser beam at an object to reflect. In the space around the object creates an interference pattern, which changed the waves with fixed wave is similar. The Moiré images are an illustration of the same principle.
This is a basic principle which is widely used in medicine. The classic model of Descartes and Newton is based on the idea of fixed size: the laser. Einstein's model with the perturbed wave field to compare: relative motion. Quantum theory is the combination of two types: fixed sizes and variation (the wave of electron jump between orbits of atoms). To understand the body and the mind, but we need one step further: the interplay of strength and motion in it reversible. That reversibility is a basic principle of life, for example, in our brains, we are not dealing with software in hardware (like a computer) but software that determines the hardware (thoughts bring the body in motion).This requires "reverse thinking, compared to what in classical physics is used, but for working with health and consciousness is the essence.
Pribram's work is not necessarily easy to read. The doctors quickly notice that they get stuck on mathematical knowledge, the mathematician understand rap that they understand and know little body. In Pribram, the two together, and the ease with which he functions in the body in mathematical terms to describe raises the question whether physicians are in the right language to learn so wiskunstig denken.Als the body, and logical, is it not make sense that she principles of logic and coherence in their studies to understand? (The chapter on the comparison of health makes this more pragmatic understanding: 'our body is a wiskunstige equation. ") Until this is Pribram's work helps to show that the conventional medical approach is still very much understand not let .. . That is also fun nieyt press: the work of Pribram any person the essence of his findings include: the brain as a hologram, the body also, and a cell is "the opposite" of the rest of the body, andthe body "inside the cell (the zygote is a clear example. It means that this approach is explicitly named as in other therapies described: each part is part of the whole. Pribram's approach gives new Western words for old Oriental insight.

Pribram is a convenient but also a mathematician notorious psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, ... and developer of the image that our brain functions as a hologram.His work leads to the conclusion that we are not only different about our brains, but also about our body can think.

Frank J. Tipler: The Physics of Immortality (1995)
The significance of this book is that the writer did not realize so to see that his thoughts about physics and religion both came in the same context. The contradiction between science in religion, in his book spans, but has a basis: the opposition between science and church. After the church for fear of losing its base (belief in the book) people began to burn, the science created: one group of people who wished to discover what is true. This led to an independent culture. Now, a few centuries later, the circle is closed and it is the scientist who claim that their action, and that belief to 'unscientific' can be made. Who sees the psychological mechanisms that realizes it still is the same: people who seek security in a universe that they do not understand.
There is a parallel in both the classical science and the churches, compared to other quantum field theory and religion. The first look for security outside itself, in a set text / matter. The latter find security in their own choice / experience. This is the 'difference' between regulated and complementary medicine. The work of Tipler's been that way. Connecting with spirit matter shows a way of thinking. It's that mindset that also saw the connection between the physical and spiritual healing can be used.

The descriptions, pictures and formulas that he used his representations of relationships. Each image is a mental picture, so one way of thinking. The book is in that sense alone through the pictures to describe. Each formula includes a figure, without words to understand. The book as a whole, large 500 + pages, and cerebral exercise in which several steps are thought through.If you come from a dance at times and turn out another point. If a machine is about you thoughts go vatgeklonterde dragen.Het book is the need to exercise to think further, beyond which we can still understand. That is the essence of wiskunst: thinking in pure abstraction. That is what this book for the medicine can be understood. Physics reflects the level of the body. The wiskunst reflects the level of thinking, consciousness. Cosmology: the relationship between the two. The Omega Point, or god, is the core of health. (Which in this yearbook as the Comparison of Health is described.)
The godvergelijking, the zero point is described by Tipler: The omega equation:
The rest of the book legtuit how this is to understand why we used in terms of quantum theory, thinking, and why it applies to the entire universe: matter and information. That is why this body to use. This applies to the universe, we are a part of. The omega equation is, moreover, with some abstract thinking, easy to understand: it is a point the size of the universe. One point that is both part and whole is called a hologram. It is the point where the universe itself reverses itself. Lawrence Edwards has more graphically described in his book The Vortex of Life "in which a vortex model of the inside running of the universe. The wave models is described this as a Soliton, again, one part a whole.This is a good basis for a universal theory of healing, another word for healing.

Richard Gerber: Vibrational Medicine (1988)
Richard Gerber's book has already become almost a standard: the barrel a lot of research from various disciplines. Joined together in this book brings this picture into a) how much research has already been found, 20 how well the research that is available, 3) that you sometimes "over the border will be looking to find, and 4) that this research, in general, much more than is generally understood. The book brings the screen so that a distinction must be sized between what is known and what is supposed to be known. When told that something is "not known" or "not listed", it says that too often something about the laziness of the researcher. Currently, each day more than in literature issued a life to live. It's pretty much work out of the hands Gerber others had taken to write this summary of many different studies of so many countries. It's also nice that he has a clear order to present: that is one reason why this book was so widely known.He takes the reader from which they continue in school stabbing education: the old classical physics of Newton. In the second chapter the reader is already conceptually than a century later: the birth of quantum theory, has now even been a century ago.Chapter three: a half century later and half a century ago. In chapter four, the reader is almost at the time (now again so now than 20 years ago). Chapter 5 then scored in open goal: once the reader understands what the latest science has found, then the importance of traditional medicine to understand the universe can be understood as a combination of vibrations, which all things are connected. We are a part of, and the way that we deal with changes our perception and our balance / with and the environment. Resonance, electromagnetism (golf), radionics (resonance), smells (resonances in molecules), healing at a distance (resonance remote) healing crystal (resonant crystal lattices), and chackras (resonance and hormones) are discussed. The binding element is resonant, and the conclusion at the end is that we basically, so long valley known, good use.For those familiar with the field is a good book, along the lines of "You see, now you hear it from one another." It is in this sense also a good textbook to use. As a medical student this book in the first week of their first year could read, they would for the rest of their lives differently to heal and health looking. Moreover, it is significant that Bill Tiller the preface to this book wrote, and that the Tiller-Einstein equation - also in physics is still very under-publicized - in an appendix at the end of the book is listed separately. This is also a description in which the relationship between information and matter, but also between part and whole is explicitly described. It is the core of the concept of what one is looking for the cure: with that link should work. Gerber, which comes from the medical field is one of many who discovered that the abstract physics we can provide many insights into healing.

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