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Integral Health Care combines the essence of all forms of healing.
It lies the basis of healing within our own body, as our capacity for self-healing, as found in the synergy of our living body cells.

Healing Health Care provides the basic understanding of the limitations of any model or method of healing. It also deals with the limitations and restrictions of ‘Modern’ medicine, and the reasons why this needs to be considered obsolete by the standards of modern physical science. Quantum Theory makes clear that reality is a realisation. This implies that we need to include the subjective observer perspective in the objective formulation of findings.

Integral health Care offers the solution of the problems addressed in Healing Health care. it explains why, and how, all forms of healing can be combined, and how this resolves a fundamental issue in science: the integration of the Four Fundamental Forces of Physics, by realising that all of these forces is the same, perceived from a different perspective, and that in our body these perspectives are combined. This course unifies Somatic, Ayurvedic, Acupuncture and Spiritual forms of healing.

Science of Life provides the next essential step in the development of science: the integration of the subjective perspective in objective realisation. This course presents the Equation of Health, which shows the nature of health, the origin of diseases, and the way our body maintains its integration on basis of information. It combines physics with metaphysics, in showing that living organisms are information processors, and cannot be regarded as objects but “more than” supercomputers. With Freedom of Choice.

Integral health care Core Curriculum is an instructive experiential teaching/training in the modalities of different forms of healing.


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