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Wholeness and the implicate order

Science is not a fixed model of reality. It is a continuous development, which a change in the way of looking determines what we experience as reality. Diit is most explicitly mentioned in the quantum theory, "the observer determines the perception."David Bohm (1917-1992) there has previously written on a standard textbook. (Quantum Theory, 1951). His study of the behavior of plasma physics (where matter is falling apart) led to understanding cross-border matter. The "Bohm diffusion" (1946) opened a way for him to physics on a more comprehensive way to view. Quantum Theory was among Max Plack developed from a wave equation (the Schrodinger equation). Wave equation which implies a connection between all physical processes, including between the observation and the observer, and vice versa. Later in the Copenhagen Convention agreed to the quantum theory can be seen as a description of particles (instead of the wave model). Also, the involvement of the observer in the perception is not being considered. For many physicists this was a huge step backwards. Bohm is best known for his work that the restriction passes. The Aharonov-Bohm effect (1959) showed that in an electrically shielded environment magnetic quantum effects are found. Because this finding was KIJ an appointment at Birkbeck College in London.

Through his wife Saral he came into contact with Jiddu Krishnamurti, thinker, philosopher and speaker who gave special attention to the experience of consciousness. That was what David Bohm quantum theory is also explored. Through his contact with Karl Bohm Pribram has an important contribution to the development of the holonomic model of the brain. Central to this is the idea that if the Quantum Theory is universal, who is also our function to describe it. From this vision, our brain can best be compared with a hologram (a wave function), where each part reflects the whole. The Hologram model was developed in 1947 by Denis Gabor, and mathematical description. Laler until much after the laser was developed holograms were first created (1962). Pribram's work has shown that our brain is a hologram from a better model in its functional relationship to understand. Bohm has also explored how these processes in our social interactions experienced. He has the (Bohm) Dialogue method developed in which a group of people looked at how a conversation proceeds like the quantum principle purpose intended. Later he discovered that this method traditionally by the Algonquin Indians gebuikt was used as the basis for harmonizing their social processes. For Bohm quantum theory was not just a model, but also related to our consciousness, our brain functions and our social beleving.Thought as a System (Bohm, 1992) summarizes his thoughts about it together, his awareness that thinking is a feeling, what We live in our bodies.

The principles of Bohm Doalogue for group use. There are four rules:
1) The group discussion is not edoeld for making group decisions
2) Each call participant suspends own beliefs to the discussion
3) Each call participant takes part in an open way conversation
4) Conversations build on what has been said and go further in their exploration daaardoor
Learning to work with the Bohm Dialogue typically follow four stages:
1) shared monologues: learning to open discussions in groups
2) the art of discussion, learning the tune of ownership in group discussions
3) reflective dialogue: having a discussion Bohm Dialogue
4) constructive dialogue: the new insights that result from d approach.

Bohm's book Wholeness and the implicate order provides a basic description of the connections in the universe. The example he gives at the beginning is typical: when a drop of ink in a cup glycerin drop, you see that as a black ball in a clear liquid. Because the glycerin on the edge gently stirring, the drop of ink devoted to a dash, which stretches into a long thin line that eventually no longer visible. The ink droplet ios pgenschijnlijk disappeared. If you stir the reverse direction, the thread of ink in sight, and can also drop back into its ink veeery nature be restored. The example is given to illustrate that we see in nature around us much not see what is present. The aim is to see through consistency. In health care is about establishing the consistency.

Important in Bohm's view is that what is considered "particles" is the result of an interaction in waves. It is impractical to samenhangenm and interactions in terms of particles ebschriven as its base is found in the interplay of waves. (Analog to claim that it makes little sense to look at the structure of organs or cells: it is about the processes by which they were formed to understand.) Bohn of the principles which are based can be summarized as follows (wikipedia, Bohm , implicate and explicate order):
1) phenomena are not static herleioden to relationships, their origin must be declared
2) Human thinking is not limited to the analysis of statistics, it is about to experience hang together
3) We can not feel a part of an analysis and thereby to know the whole
4) the Cartesian coordinate system is a limited way of describing the coherence and complexity
5) observer and observation are not separable, they are both part of a broader interaction
6) It is therefore not possible to formulate an all explanatory theory, coming up with the theory should be part of its description.

Bohn daarme gives a different approach than the known reductionism. It provides an ontological holism. Wholeness is the starting point. It all related to find. Parts are only beschoiwing as linked to the environment and the environment, part of the description. Nothing is independent of d eomgeving. (Especially considering the anatomical body is relevant to this view.) Entities are processes, part of Transformation, part of Integration.(Integration and disintegration are the basic concepts in health and disease.) There is no reality that sense, suggesting a Thing.Instead we are dealing with a Realization, a process. This realization is a term for very smooth motion. Bohm gebrukte the word "Rheo-mode" to describe it. Meanwhile - with the work of Bohm - the opposition maintained between the theory of relativity and quantum theory are not as strong mneer. Relativity is based on causality, continuity and determination. Quantum theory states that the non-causal connection of matter determined, discontinuous and indeterminate. The new theoretical models of particle waves in terms of helping the so-called quantum entanglements to better describe. (Our body processes are intertwined in this vein onedrling.) Bohm argued that theories are nothing more than tools, they are limited in where they can, and each application for their own use.

The theory of Hidden Variables were born from the need to go beyond what we see viewing, and describe them. From the classical theory, the assumption is made that what is unknown is not present. If we understand that the consistency and shape of the matter we see in non-material laws of nature is based, then light it makes sense to leave room for one - invisible to us - description. (The division of Zygote we see as a series of sequential steps, where the coherence has not been seen in the cells themselves, but because of the division of those cells.) Development of the Fractal Theory has helped in this way of thinking to understand. In a fractal (a relatively simple mathematical sum) to see patterns that repeat only in the longer term. Where in the short term appear to be consistent, which is in the long term. Similar Ilya Prigogine has also shown that far from a boarder honor coherence can exist on the interface itself has not seen that way. The Theory of Hidden Variables provides a tool to be linked to such underlying kunnne seek what is needed to find them.

Quantum entanglement is one aspect of what the Aharonov-Bohm effect has been described: some effects go beyond the grennzen we (in mind) for this set. It is also to appoint: Each line is a connection. Or any part of the whole. Unfolding and folding then describes the ability to set boundaries, or resolve. (In our body this is what the Stress System is made; Selue, TIG 2007. We also see in our body that is precisely the stellenm adjusting and repairing gernzen the essence can-live. Therefore, cells, organs and body gevomd, and distinct from - but part of - our environment.) Distinguishing between objects, or seeing the unity of the universe, is so as to describe the unfolding and folding of the coherence of the deln iniversum.

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