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Science and the Akashic Field
An integral theory of everything
Ervin Laszlo
Inner Traditions
isbn 159477042-5

"Science and the Akashic Field" is a meaningful summary of the developments that modern science has to offer. Especially in medicine is important. There is often, and much conventional thinking in mechanistic terms. There are even people who claim that something is 'unscientific' when it does not satisfy the conventional scientific models. Especially in medicine, however, shows that the results be changed by our involvement. Classical science it is not useful. Modern science is needed to understand the results. This book by Ervin Laszlo is practical in the sense that for a general audience the findings of the new science explains and interprets.

Ervin Laszlo is a celebrated author, in many areas. Systems theory in his work the integrating factor, along with his search for the connection of everything with everything to fathom. He has written many fields: social systems, economics, cultural values, ...The book "Science and the Akashic Field" barrel - to a broader audience - his book "The Connectivity Hypothesis" together.

The title of the book "Science and the Akashic Field" is revealing: it bridges an apparent gap between the cultures of the West and East.
The West has focused on the study of matter, in terms of objects.The science is its most striking manifestation.
The East has largely focused on the study of our thinking and consciousness. "Akash" - our collective thinking - is a manifestation.
"Akasha" is a formulation of the determination that all thoughts of all men be transferred to the surroundings. Our universe is like an enormous computer memory to regard everything we do will matter in motion and the vibrations of persistence in our environment.
This idea is not fundamentally different from what the science is now trying to describe the matter we know - made up of atoms - is made up of subatomic fields: the quantum vacuum. These are fields of coherence, so information. From this information forms and structures - all realities - shaped. The reality we know is there a form of.

Laszlo compares the vacuum quantum information field of science with the thought of Akashic field: in his eyes is the same.To help readers understand his conclusion, he begins with the ideas of the West, science, and builds throughout the book to the knowledge of the East.
It is interesting to his book from the other side. Then the starting point that the universe is a hologram: an integral coherent field of waves. (The usual word uni-verse - a-song - is it an interpretation.) Within that universe is all connected to everything, like waves. It is not surprising that - with some simple exercise - everyone seems to be able to communicate with the dead. The essence is that matter is just one of many forms of information.He gives the example of the universe as an aquarium: the movement of the fish make waves. Even the fish can not see from their waves can conclude their existence. This requires you to relate the waves to watch. That requires a different way of thinking is not focused on fixed forms, but the movements which may form solid shapes.
Hence his description begins with the clues that we currently have them. All indications are that in the classical theory of science by quantum field theory must be replaced. The following summarizes the main points of his book briefly.
For those who want to have handles to understand that our body is not an object, it is recommended the book to read.

Ervin Laszlo (1932 -)
Ervin Laszlo began his successful career as a piano player with an interest in what science seeks to understand. Not the formulas and experiments but the purpose of science itself: what do we know? Based on his interest became an increasingly well-known writer, consultant, professor and multiple. For him the essence remained the same: the complex in simple terms to continue to understand.

Coincidence (?) Led to his first thoughts were publishing. This led to a series of (75) books in which the connectedness of everything central. (Later he had a mystical experience in which he could experience at first hand.) In his books, the system theory of von Bertalanffy a central theme, along with the metaphysics of Whitehead and the bifurcation of Prigogine. He has also described social systems and global economy, but in this book is his deeper quest central, science and consciousness.
The essence is that the universe is composed by particles of matter, but waves information.

The first part of the book is about the scientific quest for the Theory of Everything. His conclusion it is this unity that we can well understand if we see that matter is a form of .. information.The Quantum Vacuum Field of modern physics connect it to the old descriptions of Akasha. The second part of the book brings together these thoughts then, we apparently live in an information universe. (That is true for medicine is very important.) He then looks further to our understanding of consciousness.

Chapter 1, short and strongly that we need a more meaningful understanding of our models of coherence of the universe.
Chapter 2 explains that all explanatory models each season and their own context. He uses the term "science fiction". The model he Hologram extensive attention.
Chapter 3 is a sample card of the puzzles which at the time working in science. 1) The Cosmology - the origin of the universe - and the reality that we are part. Much of it goes beyond our imagination. 2) Quantum physics explains that in the modern physics does not in terms of individual particles can think particles are even remotely connected, and better understanding of waves and particles. 3) Biology, explains that the Darwin model (which in principle is based on chance) is wrong. In living organisms are many processes in many ways linked, both internally and with the environment. Research also shows that genome, organism and environment are connected, and not independent of each other. (Michael Lieber showed that the genome is constantly adapting, and even press a cell is deformed and is changing. There are always changes for better adaptation to the environment.) "For the quantum field biology is thought necessary". 4) Consciousness Research has shown that in many ways to communicate with remote tribes, at a great distance that cells outside the body respond to the emotional experience of the body. Investigation of telepathy between twins (30%) offers a basis for understanding healing distance.Research on the effect of faith healing has clearly shown that this effect occurs.
Chapter 4 summarizes the main insights of modern physics together: quantum vacuum, and the transmission and storage of information. The new physics and mathematics of Paul Dirac come together. The simplest form in which it is understood in mathematics that is based on a vortex (Shipov). Important it is that it allows for the cohesion of particles to describe in terms of waves, which speeds many times higher than the normal speed of light. (This is a result of the high speeds of wave groups.) This requires a different way of thinking. (In our body, where up together in groups, is important.)
Chapter 5 summarizes the above, then together in terms of an information field: Akasha. The Cosmology, Quantum Theory, Biology and Consciousness be described again, now by the mechanistic view of the physical principle of information transfer and storage to connect. For those who quickly "catch up" on what would be the last decades of scientific research have provided new insights, this is the most informative chapter. What's right for the biology of interest: there is no control, but coordination based on communication. Golf Group Rates are also determined therein. Also it is Zen that the genes directly associated with the environment. It is not coincidence, but the interplay of information.Remote communication occurs not only between cells in the body, but also between people and cultures on Earth at a distance. Laszo cites various experiments.
Chapter 6 gives a different name for consistency between the motions in waves, "information". By not looking at the objects, but to the (changes in) coherence of such objects is our understanding of the universe differently. (We also see how objects are created and disappear.) Common name to describe in terms of consistency, "Holograms". A hologram is a part is by definition a connected whole. An integral theory of everything is us if it were in the womb. A hologram model - waves - provides insight into the universal consistency - of particles. All we have to do is to direct our attention: the 'particles' according to their relationships. The universe is then, to put it crudely, a radio program (information wave / system) of manifestation.
That is his starting point for Part 2: we can understand the whole universe as a hologram. He compares it to an aquarium full of invisible water waves.
Chapter 7 heading for the demand for the medicine of the utmost importance: what is life? Whence comes this universe? How many universes are there? Is this all coincidence? Questions pave the way for the conclusion of a coincidence it is much too complex, and too much attached. Life is a property of the universe, just as consciousness. They are forms of information.Again: it is to understand the relationship between the parts.Everything in it in relationship. And unit linked. We too are a part of, and may connectedness within ourselves, at first hand, experienced. It is important to the alignment with what lies beyond our training. Then requires a commitment to shift its focus: beyond what we immediately experience around us. From the combination of the awareness that the Quantum Vacuum is an information field, and Cosmology describes the manifestation of the relations which may apply. This is what physics is described as the Cloud Chamber: it will be seen the traces of the particles in it pulled condensation trails. The whole material universe in the sense of such a condensation pattern underlying processes. Again, things are back to order in a different way to look and think, to the underlying consistency to be able to-know.
Chapter 8 focuses attention again on consciousness. In an information universe is consciousness not a uniquely human phenomenon. Consciousness is the basis of existence and life.Dealing with information is a basic property of cells. It does not take place in the cells, but in the interaction between cells and their environment, and thus also between other cells. This makes measurement difficult brain: consciousness takes place in the whole body in harmony with the environment (and the genetic material is a part of). Again: hot requires a different way of thinking. Consciousness is not the result of matter. The brain is the place where information processing takes place, but not limited to. Physics and psychology are aspects of the same data.Matter, quantum physics says, fluctuates between states. Making choices is a manifestation of the same principle. Matter does not arise from the quantum vacuum, it is in continuous interaction.The hologram model has already been mentioned as a useful way to describe. Our perception of them is limited, mainly due to limitations in our attention. The hologram itself is more comprehensive. As stated: every part is part of the whole, it eventually covers the universe. The cosmic consciousness is in many ways set in India. The descriptions, in many other cultures, have a remarkably large given agreement. Around the world in different cultures describe how these forms of consciousness are accessible. Remarkably, their descriptions that they can speak with the deceased in practice seem easy to achieve. Allan Botkin is cited as the psychotherapist of a trauma institute in Illinois that 3000 people have assisted in talking with the deceased. By way of example, cited a case where what is experienced through such awareness coordination with the facts in life could be compared. It is in this context no more than an example of the reality we experience is not determined by matter but by information, more than we usually consider. Many other cultures have already described. In oinze society there are people who routinely weep. From the classical theory, this is rubbish afgedaan.Laszlo explains that we may do better to look moon: it is exactly what we in the quantum field theory can be expected.That quantum field theory is known as the most accurate theory we have found to describe the universe. We are a part of, so that theory will also apply to us.
The aspect that we can tailor information and thereby can experience - say experiencing - a finding that the medicine has much to say. They are examples of the experiments mentioned in the book that the key to the otherwise implausible findings to understand. The message is simple: what is the quantum field theory is described, we can for our lives (try to) understand.

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