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Nutrition and Health

The growing gap between Food, Food Resources, Food Where, and Nutrients.

This yearbook is about the relationship between information and matter, as we experience in our body. Nutrition is a connecting link in it: it is our umbilical cord to Earth. What we eat is both connected to the complex food chain of all life forms and Earth: we are a part of. Second is the basis of our internal nutrient cycle: the network of cycles of molecules and metabolites which our body is formed. These substances are mainly formed by the body. It is a living body, and the substances should therefore be understood as part of life.
This story is therefore divided into four sections: Life, Health, Society and Earth. Only it is not named in those terms. Nutrition is central as a connecting element.
It is therefore talking about Food, Food, Nutrition Where, and Nutrients. It is thus about four different views of the same: Nature, people, commerce and science. They are also four different types of involvement: Unit, until you take, edit, and contemplative.The four relationships to bridge the gap between subject and object, from insider to outsider. Therein lies a problem: these visions are not currently perceived as a unit. Food seems a completely different data when viewed as part of Human and Food, as Commerce or Science. This may also be distorted view of food. The classic example is independent scientific view of life through her thing-think in terms of dead matter. A major problem is that now obsolete scientific vision of the food industry and trade largely determined. At that point dive some red flags in this story. It is important to see what the market offers, by way of food, something essentially different from the products that grow in the field. It goes into food for reconnecting with nature, the interconnectedness of life. Hence the story, like the yearbook, released on the new scientific vision, which the study of bio-photons and the coherence of nature portrays. From this vision, or the continuous line shown between Food, Food, Nutrition and Nutrient Value. It is then no longer an analytical view, but a full understanding. For what we are, (including food) our connection to earth.

The Red Thread in the story.
The text is divided into four parts. Part 1 is about life. Foods are part of nature: how com-plex the interactions therein described.Part 2 continues the complexity in the form in which food is absorbed into our bodies and woven into our metabolic processes that our bodies. Part 3 deals with the production of food and resources that distort our metabolic processes, because they are not part of the complex network of interwoven cycles of nature. Finally Section 4 deals with the new insights into the science and the role of biophotons studies in understanding the context in nature, and how information is integrated into living creatures with matter. The conclusion summarizes how these insights can help to deal with our free choices, not only in the cultivation of good nutrition, but also in a larger context: understanding the importance of food on Earth, and humanity as conscious binding link between different forms of life by seeing the connection between diet and health consciousness and of life on Earth.
1) Foods - The natural experience

Life is complex
Natural products are too complex to understand. It is a carrot that we eat the plant, which grows under the ground because many (trillions) microbes with the life of the plant are connected. Worms eat microbes (and fertilize the soil, their manure is very fertile).The birds eat the worms, and eat other animals (if they manage) the birds: and so forth, from the origin of life. There is an immense animal food chain in which all feed each other. None of that nutrient cycling is independent of one another: it is a magic carpet of the Earth. It is a complex (co-folds) of interwoven cycles. A web of related forms of life. These food cycles are part of the Earth. The Earth as a living means that we can experience.But what is "life"?

What is life?
Of life at the moment have no good definition. There are many who tried it (Schrödinger, 1944, and Popp, 2002), but most of the discussions get stuck on a limitation of words. Language is too limited. It is an expression of the way we think, but thinking is an expression of life. Life is more comprehensive than we think, or can articulate. To live to describe it is necessary to continue to think beyond words and language. To understand life it is necessary to think further than we think. Thoughts are only part of our conscious perception of our deeper feelings, intuition things where we may feel that we know the details yet (can) know.These thoughts are part of more extensive processes (greater than ourselves so) to us in our relationship with our environment determine. There are more processes that determine our environment - even when we are not involved (when we are asleep or dead, or not yet born), but also those processes (eg the life of the Earth) is part of even larger processes, such as the emergence and growth, decay and death of this universe.

Live, healthy, sick, dead
Within this universal context is something we know as "life." We associate ourselves with that 'we are alive. " On this basis we can recognize in our environment: wildlife, and stones are dead.Whether that is true, we can not say it is possible that some things (which seem to us die) life, but at a much slower pace.Compare it to slow turtles that live 200 years. Or the huge trees that existed a thousand years or more. The definition of life is linked to sickness and death: life is thus related to health. But health is a simple to define: if the processes in a body a reflection of the overall coherence of the processes around it (and thus fully intertwined), it is a healthy body. In other words, if what happens in the body is a continuation of what's happening in the universe (our environment) then that body "healthy". Is the integrity of such a connection is broken: it is called "sick". Is the connection is broken: we call the "death". It turns out that death is something that falls apart. A body is thus comparable with a fountain: the water stopped, the fountain collapsed together. The only thing left is the scale of the nozzle. In our body are the bones, which were secreted by living cells. (We wear our "shell" within us.)

Anatomy, Physiology, Control System, Psycho-immunology
The cochlea, our anatomy, is a consequence. With the current medical knowledge we can then look back to our origins: the anatomy is the result of physiology. That is the network of interconnected processes in our body which substances are converted into other substances. Our body is it like a chemical factory, where the factory was built by the process. These processes are also other animals and life forms found. The differences in shape are therefore not a consequence of differences in the processes, but a difference in the relationship between all these processes. Therefore, one person perceived differently than another. And people different from animals and plants. Deeper than the physiological process, there is something else that determines life, or life is determined: the regulatory system. In our body we know of the neural and hormonal processes. That picture is incomplete. There are even magnetic and photonic processes and procesregulaties. These are all the chemical and physical processes intertwined. They are linked in an integrated regulatory system. This system shifts the priority of all those internal processes, allowing us to adapt to differences in the environment: we can live in the polar cap or in the tropics. This control system also ensures that through the years by our friends can be identified. But this system is not fundamental: the system responds to our perception of our surroundings: when we are angry or timid transformed our capillary circulation, we turn red with anger or blushing. At the core of our integration into our environment is therefore a system where information related matter. Our psycho-/immuunsysteem is an integrating factor between our psyche and our body. it is given from both sides: both the constitution of our body, like those of our emotional experience, affect the outcome of health and disease.

Reflex Patterns
But even so we have no explanation for life: it is necessary to look into a larger context: the emergence of our lives, and the origin of life. Our body has built a series of patterns (including reflexes) that define our lives and survival. That reflex / patterns are not more than one type of computer: everything we've ever done is stored in our body and can later be repeated. Even without us having to think consciously. In this way, we reflexively treat our environment: not only by our own programmed reflexes, but also those of our parents. Also from our ancestors, even those from the distant past. Therapeutic interventions and Kinesiology, regression therapy, reincarnation and all offer their methods and symbols to take it to work. That way we can make our own conditioned reflexes, the animal (livestock) reflexes with us musculoskeletal be associated with the (plant) autonomic reflexes that are also linked to our metabolism, and there are even mineral reflexes associated with the characteristics of the matter of which (not so) our body is formed. This way we can trace our origins from human to animal to plant, to a common origin of all forms of life in the microbes (Margulis, 2002). But we still do not understand what that is: life.

Solid, Liquid, Gas Light
We can see the way back otherwise describe as the emergence of man from the animal from the plants from the minerals. Then something interesting in pictures: same as before known to the alchemists. "Earth, Water, Air and Fire." Solid, liquid, gas and plasma. In our body, the different phases of matter are interconnected. Our whole metabolic system is partly to solid to liquid to gas plasma to cancel or connect. That's interesting because that is how the universe originated, according to cosmologists. It started with Plasma: the Big Bang. It was a gas cloud: Cosmic Gas. Basically it was a storm cloud of electrons and protons: lightning what a scene. It condensed stars, like great drops of rain. Portions of it solidified and formed the planets, like Earth. The whole physical reality on the cosmic scale not seen more than the wall of a bubble: the crust of our Earth.But from that solidified material, formed from the minerals the plants, animals and sentient beings. One is the man. There are two tracks in it to know: the way of the manifestation of consciousness from molecules, and the creation of life from microbes. It is obvious that these two roads are connected.

Molecules antennas
The first track is that the connection of matter with information.Experiments showed that a lightning above the primordial primitive atmosphere of Earth leads to the formation of amino acids. These molecules reflect the charge-discharge of the environment in which they arose. They can be regarded as a lightning in 'reverse', crystallized form. They act as waveguides for information (Callahan, film). Over billions of years, we see that which has grown from amino acids to proteins and enzymes to genetic chains: DNA, RNA. What we see in it is the emergence of increasingly longer-chain protons and electrons: antennae.That react to electromagnetic fields. Antennas in matter connected with information.

Minerals, Water, Oxygen, Light
This is related to the basis of the development of minerals to plants to animals to sentient beings (including mankind). In that development plays a fascinating piece of insight into: in each phase, a phase other material built into the form of life.
Minerals are immense large chains of atoms: a giant antenna.Minerals to go, it allows an ordered field. The multiplicity of vibrations in our surroundings by mineral ordered atomic lattice.In a sense, the forerunner of our sensory system. By that organization of information creates integration: around minerals creates a coherent field (therefore they are also used for healing).
Where to go mineral water (a dielectric liquid crystal) this water can be arranged into the field to the mineral (Emoto, 2002). This also ordered the water (this is used in homeopathy among others). The result is that the minerals by crystalline organization of water can be worn, as in plants.
Plants beyond the earth and come in contact with air. (Air contains paramagnetic oxygen). The exchange with the air is incorporated into the body and is connected to internal circulation: movement. Dropping by the acorn the oak is an example of how forest travel, the glans is the briefcase where the whole (future) tree is packed. The cycle of ups and downs that have been found in trees (fallen acorns grow into oak: it is also psychologically interpretable) leads to the principle of circulation that is built into animals. It is not only the respiratory built, but the entire circulatory system that the plant has already doubled to a power supply from the environment to save the body and another to mobilize again.
In animals, the territory that way already built into the body.Animals can also deal with differences in the area.
In conscious animals is not only physical nourishment in the body are integrated, the information of the area. Photons and electromagnetic fields are important to them. So pigeons can find their way home, built by their sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Whales as they navigate through the oceans based on the echo of their chants the location of the island groups to determine the way as a bat 'sees' in the dark: sonar. In the human is to be found: we have a picture of the world in our head that we can still cope.

Phase Transformation
Interestingly, there is a pattern recognizable from minerals to plants to animals to humans. From solid to liquid to gas for information. From physical to chemical to electrical to magnetic plasma. From anatomy to physiology to neurocrienregulatie, psycho-immunology. It is not for those four seconds alchemists had described the stages (earth, water, air and light (fire)), but the relationships between them. In our body, all phases are integrated. Our cell fluid is water in a gelatinous phase: an intelligent gel. Our blood is a liquid crystal in the liquid phase. Our bones are a liquid crystal in the crystalline phase (bone calcium for a battery including the nerve cell activation). The liver transforms starch into sugars and fats into alcohols and back. All metabolic cycles have to do with this principle. These are the connections between them, not to the cycles per se, or what a cycle is formed (as in hormone cycles has been studied). All cycles are linked. Our body is a magic carpet of interwoven cycles. The cycles in our body are part of the area. But ... still we do not report the essence of life.

Free choice
However, it was somewhat more explicit: Life is about the relationship between matter and information. It specifically to maintaining consistency and the material phases apparently only a higher purpose: to carry on information that we know as life. But it is an essence of life to know: life is dealing with freedom of choice. In all matter compounds: Solid is not an option, has an internal fluid movement, but is still connected. Gas is dissolved, but still part of a whole. Plasma is the form of matter where consistency that matter characterization is lost: it is meta-physical. The alchemists were right: what matters is the transmutation of elements. In living beings is about balance in the interplay between solid, liquid and gas form, and plasma (pure information). The integration of information is the essence of matter. This is summarized in the following schedule:

Big Bang Cosmic Star Gas Planets
Minerals Plants Animals People
 / \ / ^ /. - /
0D 1D 2D 3D

Table 1: Phase relations
The top row shows the cosmic creation: the condensation of information to matter.
The second row shows schematically the growth of consciousness: from minerals to plants to animals to, among other things, humanity.
The third row indicates the degree of connectedness, represented in its geometric forms.
The fourth row presents the essentials: the equivalent of row three: freedom of movement. This is the basis of free choice.

Life: free choice in matters
Life is one field of information that has attached to matter. It is directed, say conscious use of matter, through the different phases of matter together. The guarantee of life is thus an expression of consciousness: the information ocean of the universe is the foundation of the emergence of life forms, and forms of consciousness: including humans. It is a universal process in which all cycles and exchanges in the body known reflections of cycles and exchanges in our area can be found.Those two are connected. the essence of life is that in / out that connection to choose. Information is therefore a decisive factor: the part (the body) must be connected to the whole (the environment). Pattern recognition is an essence in it. Partly that we gather through our sensory system (consistency of our environment), partly by our diet (cohesion Earth). Those two are each in our body as a hologram stored and compared (Pribram, 1998). It identifies environmental signals unraveled the components of rebuilt whose coherence is transferred to the brains (as Fourier code: the frequency spectrum. Hunt, 1977), the same thing happens with food on the chemical level. Crucial (literally, a turning point) than the hologram images of the inner and outer world can be compared with each other, and in our bodies of free choices can be adjusted so that the body remains in balance with our environment.

Life, Food, Society, Culture
The free choice that determines our life takes place in connection with our environment. We take not only in regulating the processes of our own bodies, but that we also shifting relationships in the processes of our environment. Our food is a part of that process. Through this exchange we are connected with our environment, our social system is reflection of that principle. Ultimately this means that our free choice access to the world around us provides a reflection of our culture. Our kul-ture also: humanity is still learning to deal with the consistency in use of free choice. What in the partnership between our cells already seen, is still lacking in the interaction between people ...coherence.

Summary of Part 1
It is based on the idea that the following parts of this story in its larger context to understand: food is the integrating factor between a body and the environment. What we eat does not matter, but consistency of matter. we consume information from / to our environment. Trade is thus meant to us to provide the best information, rather than just matter. Our body is not only a steam engine (demo) form of consciousness. It is important that power supply to have that consciousness can feed. Finally, we come out on the scientific understanding. the classical model this vision is not useful: it's considered reality in terms of dead matter. In living bodies involves the processing, digesting of information. In that field is a new science developed in which the information is central: the study of bio-photons (Section 4), is a part of.

2) Food - food with flavor

Nutrition: the umbilical cord to Mother Earth
Through food, we are connected with the environment. Our food intake is a continuation of our umbilical cord. The umbilical cord to the mother was a temporary hulpweg the umbilical cord to Earth. Through food we keep our commitment to the environment intact. It is not about building materials or energy, but also for information and awareness. Information, because we cohesion through food: images of connection to / from / in our environment.Everything we eat is a tissue of metabolic cycles, manifested in a form (see Section 1). The choice of food we change the interaction in the tissue. (At the moment the whole fabric of the industry to severely interfere with it.) This is associated with learning to cope with our free choice, and consciousness.Section 4 elaborates on the ways this is understandable. First is discussed how the food we eat is absorbed in our body. And not "substance" or "energy" is absorbed into our body, but as a blueprint for consistency, and as a continuation of the dance of life, which takes place in our environment: the universe. As already said: if this dance undisturbed in our runs, we are healthy, is the relationship between us and our environment disturbed (by internal annoyance), then we become sick and can aspire.

Information indicates regulation of physiology anatomy
In our body we can see that through our food with the universe are connected. The inclusion of food we see that the first mechanical chewing: through physical means our food is crushed. In our stomach (and even in the mouth), the diet with juices mingled in the stomach, the process is no longer physically but chemically (with a physical component of kneading the muscles). Once the food leaves the stomach is mainly electromagnetic process: enzymes unravel the connections within which molecules that are split into smaller parts. (In the stomach, this process is already partially started.) Then, in the intestines, the nutrients contained in the complex system of the villi of the intestines. In addition, for example, triglycerides from the diet dismantled, and on the other side of the intestinal reconstituted. And what is the importance - for the body - a substance apart and then the same fabric on the other side to do? Apparently it is not about the substances, but the consistency of their constituents. It does not matter but for information. We do not eat nutrients, but consistency. Our body is made of matter, but information. It is unreasonable to further substantiate this here, but the essence is on the table: important (for the body) or components (nutrients), the significance of their relationship. The technique of chromatography, such as Chroma Test, brings together these chemicals into the picture. Food is thus included in our bodies, "in the form of a chroma grams. A sort of "hologram" of material / metabolic coherence.

Consistency and regulation
This is reflected in how the body decomposes after death. All matter "is still on the table," but apparently that is not the essence of life. Even if all matter exists, it can not be alive. That which disappears at death is not the matter, but the consistency in this matter is available. It is this consistency which - from the first cell, the Zygote - building up the body, using the substance in the world around us as we got in our diet. But apparently we got more inside than just food, our body is very selective in what we can eat. And - to name but one example - the most toxic substances appear (like drugs) to substances from our bodies.Otherwise it could no toxins. Venom of spiders and snakes are enzymes (they start you in advance to digest). On closer examination, our body is not a consistency of substance, but a stream of responses. It is the metabolic cycle, including all metabolites, which determines our body together. But it's more than a chemical process. It is a system.

Structure by moving
The substances which our body is built to be produced by the cells of our body. These substances are part of the structure of our body, are simultaneously determined by the body process.(This is interesting: it seems our bodies on both a river and a bed. Albeit that the fabrics of the "River" at a different time of the substance 'Bedding'. This is what Eastern medicine describe theinterplay of Yin and Yang.) In this control to play along the same principles as can be seen in the relationship between electricity and magnetism. This metaphor goes well: electricity is mainly associated with conductors, solids. Magnetism just outside, in free space. What in the laws of electromagnetism is described in our body to see. Deeper than the physical form (anatomy) and chemical processes (physiology) there are control processes (neurocriensysteem) that determine our body connected. But underneath lies a more "deeper" system, the body integration in our environment (psycho-immunology), and for the principle of a hologram appears to be based (Pribram). There is a direct correlation between information (phase) integration, electromagnetic processes, physiological chemistry and physical anatomy. Such consistency in our bodies to see if the intake of food: from physical to chemical to enzymatic (electromagnetic) for information in (respectively) the mouth, stomach, duodenum, colon and intestines. Conversely, that same connection outside our bodies can be seen in the formation of the crust (physically) from the Sun (chemistry) from Cosmic Gas (electromagnetic) from the Big Bang (information).

Alchemy of Life
Alchemy is a term that should be carefully used on emotional grounds that many people no longer understood. Alchemists described the relationship between solid, liquid, gas the amorphous form, and the intangible form of plasma (fire). The consistency between the states of matter in our body by the body processes linked: all material phases are constantly together.The internal dynamics of our body has many layers of her own time scales, which are all interconnected. The links between them are similar to the correlations of, say, molecules. In this case it is not about how atoms are interconnected and thus form molecules, but over time loops (repeat cycles of physiological processes) that are "strung together are 'and thus the web of consistency of our bodies realize. The consistency of timing and time scales are determined by harmonic coupling: at this level in our body are the rules of music (with consonances and dissonances: resonance and dissonance). The speed, size and direction of the processes must therefore all be considered in conjunction. What we know as the cohesion of molecules and metabolites in our physiological system, including at the level of body control to recognize. (This is what the cybernetic medicine who is known as acupuncture describes.) Technically, this web of cycles a field of vibrations of a specific context: a "hologram".The point which our hologram of the body, that of the environment, process control and ours together, is traditionally known as the soul (Van Nieuwenhuis, 1996). That too is a "hologram".

Dimension and material
This control has to do with the connections in the body.Consistency is determined by matching dimensions - different degrees of freedom - the phase relations, which our body requires. The relationships between the material phases is schematically be described as follows: the solid form has a coherence that is displayed as a triangle (”). The compounds are a closed circuit, and the form that arises is therefore rigid. In liquid form, one of those compounds dissolved, there arises a kind of carpenter's ruler: segments that together are pin (/ \ /), and distortion. Is again one of "hinges" dissolved gas is created the form (\ ^): the particles can now apart or come together again.Internal consistency is also terminated by segment (/-.), invalidate the physical structure and we only have the basic form immaterial, plasma, from which they originated. The word "Phase" is interesting: we know the substantive phase, the trial phase, the transformation phase, and phase domain itself: pure information. Also "Information" is an interesting concept: it appoints phase formation (noun: together: if a flock of birds) but also phase in formation (verb: in progress). The essence of our body is linked to the reshuffle. Transmutation is a basic given in living beings (Kervran, 1976).

The body as dimensional operator
The above gives a remarkable insight fundamental: food is the medium in which we record together from the area, and to compare the consistency of our body. This is conceivable as a Moire image: presentation of two overlapping theezeefjes leave the square crossing wires new patterns. Changing the relationship between strainers, changing the patterns. (Moir© patterns, a type of hologram interference.) In our body is the consistency of these patterns can be set. (Meditate for food is so relevant: the help the body to adapt to the integration of the food in our body. It is important to realize that our bodies over the food a hollow tube is what we eat remains outside the body. From the topology, our body four different forms simultaneously: the shape of a cell (—, a bullet), the shape of a ring (—, a torus: the intestinal tract), the shape of a lemniscate ( ∞, the systemic circulation within and outside links), and the shape of a Borromeuslus (a 'lemniscate with a third eye "). The first form relates to the structure of our body, the second with the body as process, third with the body as a transformer in / for / of the environment, and the quarter as our body part / of the whole. These different aspects are respectively our Sacrum (sacral; source instead of the zygote), Hara (bowel) heart (cardio) and Brains to recognize. They represent respectively the body in a first, second, third and fourth dimensional state: in our body are integrated together and preserve the integrity of our body. The basis of our bodies thus a process of dimensional integrity, which the relationship between these four topological types determined. This has been by ancient cultures described, which each its own imagery has been developed. Information is thus the essence of the fabric of our body (see below, The section on (bio) photons). Topological reviewed our body a 4D shape of a Möbius Ring (), the "Klein Bottle": a form that itself still inside running (compare a smoke ring) and thus its own integrity form and preserve its environment.

Phase Transformation
This is also in our digestive system to see: everything we eat will remain technically outside the body. The intestine is a continuous pipe from mouth to ass. It is the surrounding environment such as that provided in our intestine to be digested. These digestive process is like a fairytale: compare the farmer's son by the mountains in question (the teeth) in a swamp bewildered (the stomach), in a forest lost (the dunnedarmvilli) and finally in the desert comes (the colon) before the city (Earth) is achieved. For our food is like a wash: sort (mouth), soaking (stomach), washing (ileum) and centrifugation (colon). With a second chance for us indigestible compounds by digestion of the gut microbes, our symbionts in our colon. As a result, solid liquid, ionized, and as basic elements - together - will be assimilated. That consistency is important, loss of coherence has significance for the body. In ayurveda it is said: "while refining what is removed from the fruit is extracted from the body during digestion. "White sugar is one example: without vita minerals can not be digested and sticking to the tissues in our bodies." Vita Minerals "is a useful term, because this is one of the other needed to be assimilated.
The phases of solving food for inclusion in our body is above compared to a reversal of cosmology: we eat from Earth (chewing in the mouth physically) to digest in the Sun (chemicals in the stomach), eat in the Cosmic Gas (enzymes in the duodenum) and assimilate into the Big Bang (absorption through the intestinal wall). They are not a separate process phases, as the history of our body is visible. The same stages of recording as shown in the pinocytose (food intake) of cells, such as Lynn Margulis (2000) indicates, our bodies originally formed by the symbiosis of microbes. What was in the single cell level is shown in our body as a whole is still recognizable.

Summary of Part 2
The consistency of our body is determined by a combination of dynamic processes. Minerals, water, air and light are in it together to build a coherent system. The body system is a symphony of processes, a chord of vibrations. Through its internal consistency, comparing with a hologram. This "bio-hologram" continues into this environment because we continually bijgevoed conjunction with information from the environment, from our perception and our food. Pribram has described how our brains process understanding as a hologram.The principle of Hologram Interference "is the basis for adjusting the consistency of an integrated system (the body) through which the material connection (the four phases of matter) is retained.Natural food is a source of information to the consistency of our physical environment (Earth).
3) What Power - the importance of trade

Society as a living system
The food we eat is part of the cohesion and our environment. It is consistent with the environment we live in different ways. The Society is a part of. The social processes and structures reflect the same processes as we see in our body. We have social anatomical forms, social physiological processes, social control, social and psycho-immunology. If the social process as a form of life was understood, the social health and disease better understood: based on our understanding of our own bodies, as the healing of the world will offer. Suspend them still. Man is not connected with the environment. This is mainly about the Western cultures with a tradition of priests placed between man and the universe, and currently the traders place between people (government) and the Earth. To understand what this play, it makes sense to see how trade (in food) now seems to interfere in our society with healthy Earth.

The role of trade is ambiguous. First, the means by which people trade in the city can eat what grows on land. The cost of transport and storage have traditionally been discounted in prices in the city are paid. As more and more in the price consider is the cost of development and processing. The words already indicate that this is not about business, but industry. The industry has increasingly intertwined with trade, on a mannier that many no longer see. The largest - in their own words - food producers are a few large, global companies: no more farmers. Of course, that image is distorted. There is no industry that can make food. Edit, though. The technology to make molecules that form (can) of our integrated metabolic system, which exists (yet). Chemical analysis, genetic modification: these are all methods that try to achieve this. But why? Power is growing in the wild? There is enough to feed 12 billion people ("We Feed the World"). Why the need to diet to analyze, synthesize, (genetically) to modify? The answer lies in the word commerce. It's about money. This is where the red flags already announced looming in the story. The food may not be as honest as sometimes portrayed. The following books and films will be playing on what is possible.

Red Flags in the story
Sean McDonagh is a priest of the mission, he works in the Philippines. Several books he has written, they mainly focus on the impending development where the industry is trying to patent life. Not everyone noticed: there was then a game between the universities and industry: who could analyze the human genetic code? Science has won. While the industry each tried to behind closed laboratory doors of their research the results to patent, made the universities use networks of computers, which also (as with the Seti Project to extraterrestrial civilization) home PC in the network were used. (Linked computers represent an enormous computing power.) As a result, we now have our own genes to call. That is in nature no longer always the case.Notorious all legal proceedings brought by Monsanto against farmers that a "Tech Fee payable. Their crops were developed by Monsanto genes, even though the farmers had purchased no Monsanto seeds. Monsanto claimed that the pirateren through means other than by purchase was obtained through their store.That through a different path in their field had come was also indicated by the Prince of Wales, who burps at biologically significant lands. Because organic farms are surrounded by farms that are already genetically engineered products (they say soy is almost not available elsewhere), the crops through cross pollination with genetically contaminated material. What these companies so the farmers now have to pay. In the academic world are becoming more critical look.

Trade in science
In academic circles it watches for these developments. In the corridors has been suggested that one should not only see who it was investigating, and which institution is affiliated. Today, one must also look at who has funded the research. Researchers affiliated with several universities had already forbidden (!) To publish their results, because they were not as good as the sponsors had hoped. Some were even fired and therefore had much work to regain their appointment: when they have already succeeded.
Mae Wan Ho is increasingly known for her work in testing the (in) validity of Gen. Tech. She reported that genetic engineering is not stable: the implanted genes mutate, and change of location "jumping genes" is the pun she previously used (compared to "jumping beans", a fun trick "). The industry has, after initial opposition, the term taken over and now if that proves that nature is so flexible, if it so all work out ... This is definitely not the case. The scientific model that they use is focused on predictability by repeatability. That model is no longer use, and the scientific term for this type of research, either.
How serious the situation looks already seen in two films: "the Future of Food" and "We Feed the World" are both on the impact of gene technology and the vision behind it to trade for money, and the consequences on our health. The movie "Supersize Me" showed how food industry makes an attack on health. Recently it was also clear that many foods contain MSG industry, an addictive substance that makes people eat two times: good for business but not good for health.

Privatizing Nature
But there is anymore. The same gene-tech companies that develop are related to the companies that produce pesticides, which in turn linked to the companies that make fertilizer. Which in turn arise from the production of explosives, so the arms industry. The invention of the Haber-Bosch for making nitrogen (from air) was a kind of air shaft, where you can pick out elements. Obviously, that impact on the natural food cycle. It is therefore not surprising that the big food companies (that are part of the same complex as one designated as MIC, Military Industrial Complex) now trying to not only ownership of the Earth, but also of Water and Air. (Information is already broadcasting licenses if traded). A film, "The Corporation", painted on which way the U.S. companies have emerged whose sole purpose of earning money, without responsibility to the society for how they do it. Privatizing public resources plays a role. Repeatedly promoted that water is a natural resource and that it is important that this care is managed. This argument is hidden in this philosophy is combined with management control, monitor, and possibly monopolize. In Brazil was already an example of an American company that first gained water resources and then use a local monopoly (poor) population initially free water sold. (In a similar way, in England (Doomsday, Domus Dia) from one moment to another all under the land taken, and returned - no lease. There thanked the English nobility still her wealth to. In a similar way now to see that the Ether (radio waves) have been privatized (ie monopoly) and the same is underway with the air (in the form of emission quotas for CO2, currently assigned to the largest companies (the biggest polluters) instead of the world. Also for the privatization of water have been several plans developed. curious that the privatization of the Earth indirectly done: not by the possession of the land, but by patenting it grows.The takeover of agriculture by a small group of large companies has been an enormous reduction of crops. Sterile hybrid crops make farmers dependent on trade for every year new seeds, rather than herzaaien their own crop seeds. The number crops will be enhanced greatly reduced: in Bali are of the old valley by 1000 adapted varieties of rice now only one species cultivated. This makes the crop vulnerable (such as the potato blight in Ireland showed: where a monoculture caused by a potato blightcould be destroyed.) Dependence of the peasants of trade represents a significant risk to public health but also for nature. Through genetic engineering has been an invisible biological chain reaction whose consequences are not foreseeable.
For those who want to know more about are the aforementioned films, and organizations such Feasta and

From trade to market to farmers cooperative citizen
At the moment there is an increasing need for the original role of the market to recover, if the link between city and country. The townsfolk vital need live food. And the farmers need and appreciate people who pay them for their work. Being searched is a form of cooperation between farmers and citizens, while the townspeople are shareholders in their own farms and produce benefits. While farmers can farm again with enthusiasm because they know who has an interest in their work. That feeling is gone meanwhile worked for a factory each year trying to lower prices, their profits increase ("Wal * Mart: The High Cost of Low Price").The result is that every day 10 farmers stop their work and the power continues to be. Plays that the oil runs out. For several years the demand for oil exceeds the supply. What remains is becoming less available and it is already becoming fiercer fought. It is foreseeable that a few decades into the future, we have the same situation as in Cuba, an embargo that no oil gets.90% of the fresh feed in Havana will now grown on the old parking lots and parks. Town and country, nature and culture become so integrated again. The two are by nature always connected, the man came as part of the universe. This is also the basis for future classification needs: not a few large companies that believe they can control world supplies, but an interaction between culture and nature.

Summary of Part 3
Traditionally there are four social classes: those that the tubers from the ground, or ocean my pick, those who wash or change, the traders and officials, each of these levels, even consumer.Trade was the binding factor that supply and demand together.Trade was by social development: cooperation between people at a greater distance led to synergy. There were cultures. By introducing machine-thinking in society (and people also be considered) became factories and businesses. A Corporation is a shape that is focused on making a profit irrespective of the consequences. This led to a change in the food industry, making natural foods were replaced by synthetic products. For our bodies are totally different products. As modern research can show.
4) Nutrients - the values of science

Changed scientific understanding
In science is already in sight. There has long been an ongoing integration which arose from the insight that analytical thinking is limited. It provides insight into disconnected parts, without understanding their interplay at all. For the study of dead matter which approach was valid in limited form. For growth processes, network systems, and biological integrity model is not applicable.For this reason, the classical model by the theory of relativity, quantum theory and field theory now replaced. In the past, the universe (again) as a whole, and not as an object but as an integral whole: one subject. That requires a different way of thinking: not only analytically but also linksbreinig rechtsbreinig synthesising. Therefore, the focus of attention (for brain) in the context of the (rear brain) integral perspective understood. The differences in forms of science represent different scientific vision resulting from a change in the involvement of the scientist in the world: from outsider to take into determinant maker to creator (instead of creature). It is connected with the shifting perspective of (classical) matter (relativistic) molecules (quantum) atoms, and (subatomic) fields.

The ancient wisdom of new science
In science, a huge turnaround in progress. The reason is simple: the science of solid (in which the vision of "nutrients" is based) has proved not to work. It was an insight into the steps of the dead matter, but not in the way it is made. Over time, the basic vision (paradigm) of science are radically changed. From the study of matter, molecules and atoms, the science have arrived in the intangible area of subatomic fields. There are no solids to refer to. There is only coherent motion, appearing and disappearing. This is the area where science merges with religion. As the book titles to see: that's where the latest findings again connect with the ancient knowledge: "The Tao of Physics", "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" (the physics of appearance and disappearance), "The Secret of the Creative Vacuum. The physics is meta-physics. The most obvious example is the Superstring Theory: a theory that states that everything in the universe is composed of movement (vibration). What matters is the coherence in vibration, appearing and disappearing in some ancient cultures have been described in terms of, for example, Shiva: the principle of creation and destruction. In our culture it is called god. Always involves integrated cohesion universal consistency.

Objectivity, subjectivity, singularity
The new (meta) physics looks at the creation in a way that is distinct from our experience. Quantum theory had already indicated that the perception of the observer states: There is no Objective Observer. In Field Theory, we are directly linked with creation: there is no cause and effect. At this level of understanding and description is not about matter and molecules. Even the atoms are immaterial. It's about the relationship between electrons and protons, neutrons and photons. It shows how all are intertwined. Such consistency is determined at a deeper level than that of the 'particles' themselves. At this deeper level are the only form of vibration. At this level, essential questions: as protons (+) and electrons (-) attract each other, why the universe is not immediately destroy its inception? When a magnetic north pole and a south pole magnetic attraction, why is the universe from its origins not a big lump unshakable? The answer is sought and found the move.Vibration. Which is not about the vibration as we see, but the connections between different forms of vibration. The new mathematics builds on the work of Thom and Zeeman showed that everything is fixed through a sort of hinge with the rest of the universe is connected. That connection is called a "Singularity".In physics is called an "anomaly" in a culture 'Taboo': it is an area where the familiar rules no longer apply: where different rules, different realities can be seen in the decision maker. Examples include all of those areas that are not understood but that are.Sex is a known taboo in society. God is an anomaly in religion.The paranormal, the para-normal of physics. And so on. The mathematics that describes the switching points is called the topology. The mathematics of Thom (1993) and Zeeman described this as catastrophes, and showed how on the basis of the developmental biology and embryology in a logical way to describe.

Pioneering research
It is the math that determines the relationship between the known and the unknown: it is the description of the crossing itself. It defines definitions, and shows that they are based on assumptions. But that logic is hidden behind one who is playing on another level: that of information rather than matter.
It is precisely in living beings that "this shows; and experience.Right there is the relationship between the part and the whole decisive. That is where the border itself (where the well itself is not known) should be regarded with different eyes. In naming that boundary are methods developed. One is the Fractal: this is a mathematical description, starting on a track (a train of thought or a sign of development) where you a starting point, a permanent road follows, then a choice is: then do a variety will choices. All this is described in a point, connected to a line, which leads to a crossroads, then multiple lines. The technical term for this is a bifurcation. More generally, it goes on for a polyfurcatie: a fork with more teeth. The fractal theory thus describes what happens when you get to the boundary of a system and the familiar road - a fairy tale - leads to new adventures. This exploratory research frontier (the description of Fractals) gave more detailed understanding of boundaries, and how realities are interwoven: the chaos theory. This way you can see that the reality we know is totally determined and depends on, how we are intertwined with our environment. Everything is interactive. Nothing is certain.And, as the Field Theory shows: everything is creation.

Metaphysics as a basis for physics
This means that we are in a different way to think about reality.The truth is a perception. Reality is laborious nature. Lens = Subjective. The classical approach to science was useful and helpful, but it's a phase passed, the time we crawl out of diapers.We are now in a time where man (and science) are no longer living in an established fact, the science is mature and shows that we are responsible for everything we do and think. As Tiller has shown what we think influences the matter: "What we think matters", literally. (See the movie "What the Bleep do we know?") That means we should be responsible for what we think.And the way we think and what we do define the environment around us. The old image of man as a gardener in Paradise gives it a different value: Earth as a learning place in learning to deal with the direct interplay between information and matter. As the cosmology show: matter is a crystallization of information. As the Urantia Book (1955) indicates: you run it dead if you think that matter is the basis of information. You turn things around and then runs it down (literally: the solid matter is your standard). The old technical term for this is Hell (cf. French: Enfermer = lock: Hell is a closed system). Hence, the mathematical basis for a new physics building in an exploration that honors its name: the art of erasure. The new math is about nothing. The number zero is the baseline and the various forms of logic developments determine the number zero. (Rowlands, 2002) This connects directly to the earlier views that matter is a form of information and atoms are built from the connection of intangible subatomic fields.Metaphysics is thus now, again, the foundation of physics. What that new math art example shown is that the fermions and bosons (basis from which electrons and protons, neutrons and photons created) different forms of the same principle and interconnected in the manner used by Yin and Yang have described.

Truth is a perception
The result is that our reality is completely different. No longer the matter is the measure of things, but the logic of the intangible things we see are interconnected. We can no longer think in terms of creation as a noun, we can also think that it is only Creation as a verb: where we work directly with that question.This gives us a different insight into the relationship of matter: if something based on nothing, then the mathematical art of nothing, from the description of the relations (field theory) associated with them, the basis for all we know be followed. That is the basis of a review of life and living in / with matter. It offers a different picture of the universe and our bodies. The universe is, literally, what the word implies: uni (one) verse (song). (Cf. Bhagavad Geeta: The Great Song: all big cultures appoint the same principle). It is an integral field of vibrations in different phase relationships that the relationships between the different phases (plasma, gas, liquid, solid) state. This correlation is not seen in the solid form, but in the exchanges between them: the movement. In atomic description, this amounts to the integral relationship between electrons, protons, neutrons and photons.Local and non-local. Especially the latter will acquire a decisive role. A brief understanding of atomic physics is important.Importantly, the new physics, the laws of nature no longer just a local level can be understood. Photons help understand the scale connected remotely.

Neutrons, protons, electrons and photons
As in the structure of atoms can be seen, are always together electrons and protons, neutrons with the atoms they form.Photons are a part of. It is easier in a more primitive way to symbolize: the germ of an atom is a neutron, which is the hub of a dipole (a sort of magnet) which we see as a proton and electron.They can move together as one planet to the Sun: a micro-planetary system. There is also a variant in which a proton and an electron fibrouw more interconnected way, as say comets: the electrons can from one place to another fly and temporarily connect with other atoms. The electromagnetic coupling of atoms as building molecules. There is also a more mobile form of electrons from one galaxy to another move: photons. They are thus the connections between atoms at a distance. Neutrinos also is described. The description of the coherence of matter can not be removed from the coherence between electrons and protons, neutrons and photons as a complex one. Which energy changes in an atom with other atoms attached.

Photons as a switchman
That is the atomic complex, the Singularity photon: it is simultaneously part of the atom and yet not: It's part of the atom, and simultaneously with other atoms attached. Shell electrons of an atom to another, lower power path, and issue a photon, or vice versa record and a photon of a lower-energy orbit to a higher will. Photons are dealing with the change of energy in the atom. They also deal with the exchange between electrons in the energy state. They also deal with the energy exchanges between atoms. It is a traveling form of energy: photons by electrons (as in an abacus beads) from one energy state to a different energy state. Photons are traveling a form of information: energy jumps are logically connected, as by the strong working relationship of the universe shows. Photons have thus an interesting significance in our understanding of matter: it requires a change of opinion: not as a structure but as information.

Information flows in the body
This of course also on our own (physical) body relation: it is not only a structure (composed of atoms of electrons and protons associated with neutrons), but also an information system: all the atoms are connected. That is the explanation of transmutation (in our bodies a standard data) exchange between solid, liquid, gaseous and immaterial forms of matter. Especially in living things we see that all substances in our body are part of a continuous transformation. Determined by information. In metaphor terms, our body is a dry suit for contact with time and space for a form of consciousness in a quantum field living.Those realities in our body are linked. Not only internally, by the transmutation of elements and the metabolic cycles of molecules (even very complex molecules) in which this can be seen. but also the environment: our metabolic cycles are part of the metabolic cycles of the area. Our internal nutrient cycle and the internal nutrient cycle forms a continuous whole (or slide if a Möbius Klein Bottle Ring - as in mathematics called) are interconnected. What we see perpetuated as a matter of consistency, is based on a continued consistency of information.Until this information together is broken, and we die, the matter can not connect with itself, and falls apart.

Integration of information
All the more reason to better understand how photons play in the integration of information. It is at this exciting new field that studies were done. From our body was already known (Ho, 1993) that cells are able to capture electrons and their metabolism to use. (Cell metabolism does not take place in relation to the transformation of chemicals, but in the electromagnetic forces that accompany it: our physical functioning based on electromagnetism and not on the biochemistry and biophysics, as in medicine continues to be considered). Capturing an electron can not be understood in classical physics (Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle). This was due to a limitation in that model: it was based on analysis and looked the part locally, independent of the whole. In atoms we can see how photons show the relationship between electrons from atoms in different orbits, but also between different atoms.Even atoms can not (unlike the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) directed photons give and receive. The coherence of matter is not determined from the atoms. The atoms in their structure determined by the consistency of information. We must reverse thinking: the Fields (Super Strings, Kaku, 1987) that a condition (quantum field) that allow their Relationships (Relativity) can occur which is a structure (Classic Mechanical Model) builds.Hard realities and 'solid matter' is therefore very volatile data. It therefore makes sense not to focus on the forms of matter (Urantia Book, 1955) but looking at its origins. Chaos Theory (boundary definition), Catastrophe Theory (border crossing) and String Theory (border (de) formation of the precursors containing Nultheorie (Rowlands, 2002, Davidson, 1989) currently being developed.

Something from nothing: formation by providing information
Photon. Those are the connecting link, not only in the matter in their orchestration of the energy jumps between electrons in atoms, but also the role they play in the context of whole fields of information. It is striking that old descriptions already exist. Light Beings who determine the consistency of matter. Light Fields in and around our bodies. There is even already going on (Westlake, Burr, Popp). There are also people who can see (the aura) or have painted (the halo). The presence of a strong coherent light field is related to a health wholeness: saints. It is a normal state can be reached by to see how we are part of the whole (holy). From that state they adopt a strong internal cohesion (health) which is also transmissible (heal). Also in this area, science and religion together, and we see the practical relationship between medicine and mysticism. But, as stated above, we must think beyond the familiar and the unfamiliar role of the considerations involved. that's why the science after the crash in the Classical Models, the new mathematics developed: Relativity, Quantum - and Field Theory. By now the mathematical art of nothing: understanding of / for pure (phase) information, the relationships between dimension can be described. Which is that of direct relevance to determining the consistency in and of our bodies.

Integrity = Health
Hence this now extensive research being done. In this Yearbook, several studies of van Wyk and van Wijk this finding. Van Wijk Sr., a cell biologist who is working for the light fields of our body to be measured. Van Wijk, Jr., a psycho-biologist, that the coherence of light fields and show our consciousness. These concrete data: living things, a bio-photon emission is coherent.Connected to our body is a body of light that has consistency.Say a hologram. Popp, through mathematics and measurements show that a healthy body is like the light is coherent body: the photon emission is log / normal. In dead matter is consistency in the normal distribution (Poisson distribution), is stochastic (determined by chance). It means that we not only have to live a criterion to measure, but also health. Live / is log-normal, sick / dead is normal (spread). This is now measured for individuals.Several saints and healers have been measured, Qi Gong masters and paranormal (para-normal) healers. But apples and tomatoes, ground, grass, cows, milk and cheese to the same thing. Health is consistency: in ill health "falls apart hologram. It also explains the opinion of all religions: "Meditation as medication." By its own connection to feel better, can be better fulfilled vital relationship: the body can recognize its own initiative based at rest. It is, to put it to the self-calibration of our body. The change in light emission was measured in different state of consciousness, and shows that even short (but regular) meditation helps the cohesion of the (light) body strengthening.

As part of this book is that significance of these results more, if our body is held together by a light field, in which photons are the jumps of electrons in their orbits of atoms coordinate, then our body dis determined by integrating information from event . More specifically: health lies in the coupling between photons and electrons. Our body is in its basic electromagnetic: a manifestation of coherence of an electromagnetic field. It is not a pure hologram is a hologram that is connected to an electromagnetic field. And therefore can enter into chemical reactions. And thus a physical shape. All internal (chemical) therein metabolic processes associated with the environment: it is the relationship between the two. The structure of our body is a reflection of the integral relationship between these metabolic processes. Thus the result of that "electrical gram (maintained by the hologram electromagnetic field). Not only our body is built that way, so determined. The same goes for everything we see on Earth. The carrots we eat are the manifestation of an energy field that led to the shape of the root. This growth is clearly visible: a seed grows into a structure through a variety of morphological forms. As current images are recognizable (and including Thom and Zeeman were described). These fundamental universal relationship patterns. Our body is a biohologram. Our food is a holobiogram. Us (autopoiesis) self-regulation is a field holoinfogram. Our Earth environment is a Bioholon. We are dealing with what in India was appointed as Indra's web: a stable relationship in holograms of holograms. Phase Coherence is it decisive.

Life, food
It is therefore important to realize that we do not eat the kind of crops, but the shape function disclosed therein. As the Indians say, what you eat is the soul. (The soul is that coherent electromagnetic field, which is organizing the structure of matter coordinates). Food without soul is not more than matter. We feed us with nutrients, but with images of coherence of life. That's what Mansveld by Bruce and is described: it is important to feed us with information. Not something - like a kind of photo - similar to what nature can offer us, but nature itself. The texts of Westerman, vd Bijl, Waning, Balde in this book, and others elsewhere, show that health is the coherence of our body is determined. It's not about the coherence of matter, including that of the (cell) processes that our bodies, even to the regulatory system that coordinates these processes. It involves the integration of our body in our environment. Food is it a unifying factor. Such as physics and mathematics are increasingly showing: the coherence of matter is due to the consistency of information: who is the new biofotonenmetingen measure. Thus we are also another form of medicine has come: which is the basis of information integration. It aims to recognize these information fields, and to explore how in each life form in another way shaped by the regulatory system as otherwise parameterized. It is the differences in those parameters that are meaningful to our choice of our food, which we in a tangible way our bodies on / with the consistency of our information environment.

Life and Health
Life is connected to the base of the universe. This universe is the result of the phase space, the reality of nothing, by the mathematical art is more accurately described. Phase formation is known as information, it is like a hologram. This hologram in connection with matter (as it has manifested itself from the Big Bang) is a "biohologram" to mention. Where awareness (coherent phase information) is the basis of the universe (and matter), is living the way that matter can be seen. (Life integrates free choice in matter. The definitions on which it is to go beyond the explicit part of this book.) Health is the integrity and integration of these processes of life in the organism and the environment. (Similarly, this applies to peace, even if that integrity is experienced between individuals.) Food is the connecting link between the integrity of our body, and that of our environment. Food, the processes in us and in our environment constantly connected. Healthy nutrition is thus understood as characterized by that vital dynamic consistency: that is what now includes over biophotons can be measured. Measurement is more important than the fact that the universe (one song) everything is connected. Healthy nutrition is the bearer of that unit (whether it is material, or information): thus the unity of our body in harmony with the surrounding states and health.

Summary of Part 4
The integrity of our body (our health) is a reflection of our integration into our environment. We have a choice in it, how we treat our environment. We can adapt internally or externally. We can interpret this as a trigger stimulus or stress (or indifferent).Besides our mental (psychological freedom), we also face the certainty of our physical body and the way the freedom of choice leads to shift the internal consistency (as a combination of holograms is to describe). The phases of our physical body, which can transmute into each other dynamically, use a stabilizing factor: the cohesion of our natural environment. Our food is a real-time information that 'knowledge' in our body integrates. It is it important to know which nutrients integration information. Our subtle feeling and taste, it is now complemented by a new technique: the measurement of bio photons.

This story has a nature trail running through the table to our bodies back to the world. A digestive process itself. The first step was the understanding of life: freedom of choice it is the determining factor in the integration of information and matter.That is the basis of our body. Nutrition is focused on that to feed.As the food intake can be seen through us at every meal history: our origins from the Big Bang, cosmic gas, stars and the Earth, in the way we food physically chewing in the mouth, chemically simmer in the stomach, electrolytic elucidate the duodenum, and into our bodies in the small intestine. Substances that we can not get a second chance to digest the large intestine, where microbes digest cellulose for example. (They live in symbiosis with us, see animals, and we must also feed them with, among others Ruwstof.) What we do not include matter and energy, but interrelated and a continuation of our commitment to our natural environment. This requires that food in its context is part of the external and internal cycles that we know as the food cycle. What we eat is it a connecting link. Natural products are (bio) logical connection. Synthetic products (fillers, starch, sugar, protein with fragrances and dyes from the petrochemical industry) have to interfere in it, our bodies do not know to handle. It is important to the supply of natural substances to restore the healthy relationship with our environment (and the health of our bodies) should be maintained. The new forms of science to see that.Measurable products that live a different appearance than synthetic versions. "Radiance" is a good term: Here are the bio photons measured. Photons are related to electrons, but also to the jump of electrons from one atom to another shell. Not only within atoms, but also between atoms. In the measurement of photons, we look back to a part of the communication between atoms in our bodies, and the universe. That is the essence of this story: to show that coherence. The story shows two traces.
One begins (historically speaking) with products that grow on Earth, what we eat at the table, what we buy on the market, and how the knowledge that analyzes. This trail goes to death by the classic science only had eyes for dead matter (that was simpler to study). The knowledge of steam engines is not a basis for advising the food industry to 'make' of food. The result is that there are now shops are filled with commercial products made for sale, but not to underpin the integrity (health) of our body.
The other track picks up the thread through science back to life.Not the laws of dead matter, but the coherence of the universe is central. The measurement of bio photons is an example. From that view is that organic products for our bodies the logical choice: that is what our bodies for millions of years used to it.More importantly, the diet is the direct connection between the nutrient cycle in our body (cascades of metabolites) with that of our environment (cascades of wildlife). Every meal is like a hologram that our body informs the coherence / from / with our environment.
As the story points out: life is about learning to deal with free choice: from the connectedness of information and matter in our bodies. Everyone can choose which of those two tracks you want to prosecute. If you get your body requires natural response.

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Nutrition and Health Summary
Food, Food, Nutrition and Nutrients Where are terms that can be used to nominate different views on food, from nature, our bodies, trade and science. Each of these approaches offers a different understanding on the importance of health for our bodies. The text explains that classical science has enabled the food products that currently are not suitable for our body. Food is a way for the body to inform themselves about the integrity of the relationship in our environment. A hologram can be used to model the dynamic context to understand. Recent research on the measurement of biophotons helps in a more integrated way about the meaning of food for thought.

Food and Health Summary
Produce of Nature, Food, Food Products and terms are Nutrients Which Help Clarify the difference in perspective Between the views of ecology, our body, commerce and science. Each HAS differential relevance for our health. The text propos©es That HAS classical science led to a mechanical view on reality leading to the creation of a Food Industry Which of the products are not suited for our body Because They Do not inform it of the integrity of our natural environment. Hologram Theory is Presented as a mean to understand the way the integration of our body takes place in our context. Recent research in bio-photons Help to Acquire a more coherent understanding of the Meaning of Food in (our) life.

The Author
17-Gerard Doustraat II, Amsterdam, NL 1072 VJ
O Nieuwenhuijze studied the laws of nature and their mathematical description during his engineering studies in Delft, while noticed that science has no methods to deal with the unknown. It led to a comparative cultural study in the British Library, the formulation of 'reality' world were viewed. Every culture has its own formulation of the interplay between man and universe. Then he studied the principles of life in Maastricht, and discovered that the medicine is based on the classical science, the models of dead matter. Through research and education it provides insight into the comprehensive vision which includes the logic shows for integrating all the healing of the world in "integrative medicine."

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