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H Fröhlich, a physicist ahead of His Time

H Fröhlich decided to switch from physics to biophysics, on the advice of his wife, Fanchon Fröhlich.She read with, and for him to do so by the medical books were important, and they took him.Together this has led to a study in which the principles of physics - the most basic kind - with that of biology - so far as is known - could be interwoven.Fröhlich H on January 23, 1991 deceased.

This book review gives a picture of his life's work.It is the publication of proposals submitted in 2006 during a conference in honor of Herbert Fröhlich were presented.Almost all authors had personally H. Fröhlich.
This book reviews, his work is summarized from the perspective that this yearbook is central: System regulation.Understanding what it does Fröhlich is based on quantum theory.This is a model in which the mathematics of a matrix is central.Examples include atomic lattices, or clusters of cells.In a matrix, the relationship determined.The change of polarization coherence is studying.With an integral part with any consistency at all connected.This direct relationship is observed among superconductivity.Disturbances in that context leads to field distortions (and interference fields) as tensions have been measured.The study of dielectrics gives them insight.Ultimately it is - especially in biological systems - for consistency, and the factors that determine or interfere.

Starting point for the importance of this work is consistent, as in physics in the form of superconductivity is studied.Since it is the relationship between the electron and the atomic lattice that the conductivity (or resistance) states.The biology of our body is the relationship between cells and organs that determines health or disease.The connection between part and whole can - in an atomic lattice - are described as polarization.It determines whether a boundary is defined and whether open, transparent, translucent or closed.Similarly, a cell membrane regulates contact between the nucleus and the surrounding area.The above descriptions are needed, both the part and whole can describe.Golf cars are to be the most useful: the vibrations of the nucleus and the vibration of the surrounding field than in the same terms to describe.In biology, this requires the description of molecular cell metabolism, physiology and metabolism of the organs.The importance of the work of Fröhlich H is that it provides a language, explores the relationship between that part and whole can be described.And his work builds a bridge between the precision of detail as those used in atomic physics, and the purity of coherence as limiting in living beings.The common notion that is in oscillation and resonance.Synergy it is the defining concept for the interplay of cells.
Herman Haken {}

The materials in our body are all unusual materials."Piezo-electric", "Liquid Crystals", "Transducer-transponder", "Semiconductors".Even before the words are strange to most people.These are the materials which the ('predictable') laws of classical physics are not valid (such as Ohm's law).These are precisely the materials significantly respond to changing information, eg change of electromagnetic fields.Dielectrics (such as Mica) are substances which are therefore known, and to do that have been studied.The properties of the substance itself change, due to the current flowing through it.In our body seems a common practice.Bone and muscle growth, depending on our use of our body.Dielectrics ask simple questions.Of a river, we know that the flow of water determines the bed.But the opposite is true.But in an electrical conductor such as copper: how do the electrons if they are part of the stream, or the copper, 'the foundation'.?How do we know?What determines the difference, but most can wire 'the riverbed erosion and dissolve in the water?If so, what happens then?In biological systems is anticipated that this will happen all the time.Calcium in the bone, so we can walk.Calcium is also solved in the bone, allowing it to be used in nerve depolarization, waadoor we can perceive or move.What determines the absorbed or dissolved?In our body fluids and lots of crystals in which it plays a role.The same is true for all physiological substances that we store or dissolve back from our bodies.Studies of Fröhlich investigated how this has to do with ionization: the release of electrons from fixed structures (molecules, atomic lattices, etc.).Dissolution of the context is extremely fast (10-7 [s]) for biological systems is important.Electric fields, infrared radiation sound like this coupled together.Here too, resonance, vibration, the determining factor, along with the number of particles (electrons, cells?) To join them.So the combination of the normal modes of the particles, and the roster of which they are.Another involves describing the interaction between the part and whole.Fröhlich (and others) worked towards this model to understand and describe.Within the framework of this yearbook is important to realize that our body is based on these principles.
James Calderwood {H}

If a part is part of a whole, how can you best describe it?One of the methods we (usually) use of a piece in a puzzle. "The piece has an image, the whole as well.Service of the piece is visible only when the part is not at all.It is a good example of thinking in synthesis; coherence.This is sorely needed in a scientific model that focuses on analysis, and ends with exact details of things - without context, without meaning, because without embedding in their surroundings.Certainly living cells, the latter is vital.H Fröhlich studied the consistency of Micro and Macro.Play in so many relationships and connections that even with supercomputers for now it is hard to calculate.Its solutions would also be so complex that we do not understand.Something else is needed: pattern recognition, understanding the connections and linkages.Fröhlich applied this to the particles approach to quantum theory, to explore it together, for that to be able to apply superconductivity and liquid flows.In physics this has already been studied in holograms: the relationship between a focused light (laser) and a scattered light field (the hologram).Within our own bodies than the cells in organs, and growth processes of a body.Phase coherence is the essence, as for (see above) an electron in a lattice of atoms.Pattern recognition is the approach used by Fröhlich.Which he considered relationships between particles and radiation, we see our body as the relationship between such cells and their communication. (Light, radio waves, sound and motion play all me. As mentioned already bestreven: it's all about vibrations, andresonance.) Photons, electrons and phonons (sound waves) which are combined to determine the behavior of the (cell) material.
(Geoffrey L Sewell)

How cells communicate with each other?"Perhaps the work of Fröhlich us thoughts.He studied charge-discharge of the interaction between electrons and atomic lattices of which they are.The charge-discharge is comparable to the depolarization and repolarization of the nerve in our bodies, for the transfer of information.The knowledge of the physics of the conductivity of metals is thus a landmark for communication between cells.In the physical model examines the link between the electrons, photons and phonons (sound pulses), and the vibration of the crystal lattice.Intriguing is that the metal rail of the possibility of superconductivity (direct transfer of the signal) a logical consequence of the description.We have in our body?There are situations where, say, the nerve as a whole, itself, acts as a superconductor?It also appears that it is possible that in Fröhlich's model it is possible that in a metal one piece missing, but the signal can nevertheless continue.This leads to the possibility of speculation: our body uses this possibility, the relationship between the part and whole, for example, diseased cells to heal?What we see is that the larger system (the lattice) the local situation "can recover.Is this any attention, all the time, place in a neuron?What we see happening in physics naturally in our bodies.The universal laws that we use in the universe, are also in our body.But possibly not in the same way: in our body is connected to everything that happens choice.The material in our bodies is not only determined by the flow of electrons, but also by what we think.In the mathematical model shows that the responses at issue here are heavily dependent on the temperature of the surroundings.This does remember: in our bodies is a very comprehensive system that the body temperature constant.There is also a very specific system, fever, the temperature may increase, making our body function in a different temperature.If we think back to the notion that the laws of nature in our body experience: we are dealing with an example of using this temperature dependence for the body to restore consistency?These are the types of questions with the work of Fröhlich can be made.Its approach - connecting physics with biology - we can now ask questions such ...
Charles Kuper {G}

The latest development in quantum theory, quantum field theory (ca. 1970).Fröhligh there was a pioneer.It's odd that this theory is so little known: the Copenhagen Convention, an agreement that I make the quantum theory would be done if that was based on particles, and as if the role of the observer in the observation is not present.Ashes from a blunder, because the quantum theory suggests the opposite.Quantum Field Theory thus builds on the original theoretical concept.But understanding the structure of atoms is thus very greatly changed.In about 1930 atoms were composed of neutrons, protons and electrons.In about 1940 there are mesons (or mesotrons) added (Ï€-mesons and μ-mesons).A proton can temporarily collapse into a neutron and a meson.It revealed that a proton, neutron and Ï€-meson are no particles but clusters.By 1970 it became clear that they are composed of quarks and gluons.The properties thus determine the structure and functioning of our body.Fröhlich has his work in that field not charged, but has gone further in studying the field theory of solids.
Christopher Michael {}

In 1968 Frohlich began his insight into quantum theory used to study the coherence of biological systems.Quantum theory works with a matrix of points.Biological systems have cells.Biological systems have a dynamic relationship (coherence).Quantum theory tries to describe related.Fröhlich was the pioneer to build a bridge between the two disciplines.Rupert Sheldrake is known for his work in describing the Morphogenetic field.Hans-Peter Dürr helped in showing that this kind of weight-vector field operator, as was described in 1930 by Wolfgang Pauli and Werner Heisenberg.Materials reflect the particles approach a field description is replaced.This is what Frohlich in 1960-year has already had described.This makes possible information transfer in biological systems in more detail to understand and describe.Modern Physics and Biology in that regard not be separated.It is paradoxical that the study of biology - and so the medicine - much more analytical and mechanistic was just when the opposite happened in physics: there was the development of mechanistic to holistic, particle analysis of the consistency offields.And with a shift of research material for information (IT).This was because, the limitations of traditional analytic thinking clear.(This is why users of holistic medical model see no reason for the deterministic models of controlled medical use. Ed.) Fröhlich's work is therefore most biologists miss ...The classical model of physics is no longer useful, especially in biology.In this analytical approach associated neglected.Especially the approach of the dead matter for the study of living things unusable.Modern physics is based on an entirely different basis.It is no matter, nothing is immutable.Nature is no radar but a creation.We are there direct me connected.'Objective observation' is an antique, and in physics (and medicine) is no longer usable.Matter is immaterial, that is exactly what we see in biological systems: the process leads to a shape (to fit the context).The base is a process of information, in formation.Like a record, there is no orchestra, but only one wave (the groove).In our reality, these waves will play off in the subatomic space.What we really love is a projection thereof, is determined by our perception ...Particles are the result of the interaction of waves.The reality we know is an interference pattern of waves.Our body also.In a holistic approach to analysis is not used.Everything is so indivisible.The whole is simpler than a share.Cell division show it: the complex simplicity of the first folded-cell development.When the subatomic vibrations the reality that we see form, we have learned to describe the world wrong.Not the form (anatomy) but the information (awareness) is the starting point.We have therefore not dealing with a tangle of particles in atoms, or sheets in one body, but with a pattern of consistency of information.That is what many traditional medicine center of their approach.That is the basis for understanding the adaptation of form in different situations.This is also in many traditional medicine to recognize.The quantum field theory explains this.Meanwhile there are already examples of this macroscopic (laser is one example), this is no longer on the relationship between atoms.But these are the correlations that describe our body connected.Biology and new physics are no longer separate.A living body is laser comparison.The previously described Dipole effects play an important role.To live in a body needs to make use of free choice.This is described as changing the phase relation.The action of such enzymes is based on this.In one interpretation, we perceive our body as a hologram.The greater the consistencies, the greater the health.(A hologram is a golf course (made up of wave trains, as scholars say) in which each particle, or cell, a wave.) Modern biology think it does good work by analytical thinking to find exact results.This is not the case.It loses insight into the relationship, who lives directly concerned.A picture of consistency is required, which is the basis of traditional medicine in their approach to our bodies.By combining the two views is the bridge to be built also Frohlich had seen in his work.We therefore different benchmarks than currently used classification medicine.Objectifiable facts are only an analytical approach to find.But that model is outdated science.Quantum Field Theory works with probability measures, which for our bodies to use.Fröhlich's work at the level of molecules is therefore for all members to use: it is the vision.If this theory describes atoms consistency, which applies also for the consistency of our body.There is a psychological problem, classical physics is based on a control model.The scientist outsider who is playing god.In biology is to sell well as remedies that a job done.Also, genetic engineering is an example.In the Quantum Field Theory is the observer determines the perception.In health care means that a person determines their own health.That's bad to sell ...It is important that people first time responsibility for their health, and life-making capacity.It is not clear that biology and physics can be reduced.Living systems adapt to the physical environment, and environment to them.Ability to learn - morphogenetic fields - in terms of Quantum Field Theory to describe.What can not be described is where our body - and the universe in which this system is - comes from.We still need a description of creation.
Hans-Peter Dürr {}

Around 1930 Fröhlich heard that a biological membrane a millionth of a millimeter thick, and 1/10th of a voltage [V] can save.Fröhlich calculated that the membrane is 10 [MV] megavolt can resist.There are few materials that can.He calculated that this must be accompanied by 100 [GHz], gigahertz.Around 1930, that frequencies that have not been to arouse in devices.In 1967 Fröhlich gave a lecture on the coherence of biological systems, described from a quantum field vision.It came along with the thoughts of vibrations of waves of coherence applied to how cells generate energy by which the organs work.And that cells break down when disturbed they work with the vibrations within the body of which they are part.This suggests a basic principle of health (and disease) in terms of consistency of vibration (or the disruption thereof).He investigated the dipole moments of biomolecules, enzymes, protein, and the electromagnetic field of biological systems (7 [mm] wavelength).It offered the view that living beings frequencies can generate opzamelen, shift, and extinguish.By Cyril Smith and his students were measurements were done to show.Superconductivity at body temperature was associated with particular behavior of diamagnetism in organisms.Microbial growth was found to correlate with low frequency magnetic fields.Research by Cyril Smith to hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields was a result of this work.The investigation is related to the homeopathic remedy: the ability to store information in water, frequency patterns have to 'write', to 'read' or 'delete'.It is even possible to make mathematical operations to apply.The acupuncture meridians are related to endogenous (body) frequencies, where the magnetic vector potential and Abramov-Bohm effect play.We can imagine the body as a large quantum system.Dowsing (using a divining rod) makes use of quantum states and the Abramov-Bohm effect in the body of the diviner (diviner).Our physical relationship is not to describe in anatomical terms.Consistency is the result of consistency in the underlying wave field.The phase coherence thereof is modulated by the material properties.Consistency is far away in terms of superconductivity to describe in this organism is common.Such consistency is also fairly stable in the presence of external disturbances (which can be interpreted as the basis for maintaining health).Fröhlich demonstrated this principle in the mechanism that we know from the holography and coherence of coherent light in a laser.In dielectrics (organic materials) plants, the waves were almost no loss from radiation.Cells generate waves on the natural frequencies of 90GHz or a wavelength of 3 [mm], assuming a cell membrane 10 [nm] thick and the 1000 wave propagation velocity [m / s].Fröhlich described how the energy purposes in the vibrations in the body can be stored.He proposed a series of experiments to verify this: the relationship between frequency and cell division, protein synthesis in relation to electrical charge, molecular electron loss and illness and the frequency of communication between cells.In a series of articles he worked this out further.The sensitivity of enzymes and protein electric field makes them change their dielectric properties.This example has effect on nerve conduction.Conversely, this makes them susceptible to electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances, which enables the body to disrupt cohesion, which like cancer can occur.Disease is the loss of coherence of the vibration field within and between cells.(Say: "a disturbance field.") The consistency of celtrillingen by multiple frequencies provides that chromosomes have a wavelength in the order of a millimeter, membranes working with millimeter wavelengths, deep infrared light, organisms as a whole function with coherencefield of visible light.The properties of water (for storage and release of information) plays an important role.Rouleaux formation of erythrocytes (BSR), for example, strongly influenced by the high sensitivity of organisms to the electrical fields in our environment.The detail with which the relationship between vibration and electromagnetic behavior of cells studied is described in Green Book 2 of Fröhlich (1988), with report of a conference on quantum field study in organisms, cells and biomolecules.Measurements of diamagnetism (small kortsluitstroomples) around biomolecules showed that our body molecules very special electromagnetic properties.And so even better when electromagnetic components ('super-antennae ") can be considered.The same applies to the interactions between cells and microbes: On this scale, the electromagnetic forces and frequencies determined.Interesting is the observation that superconductivity in organisms may occur at any temperature, because the cells can function as a coherent group.Health is about consistency, including the part in the whole.Enzymes (and hormones) play an important role.Experiments with e-coli microbes showed that magnetic fields in the environment may affect DNA in cells.In other words, the protein production in cells is determined by magnetic fields.The effect is a protein very frequency sensitive.The study also showed that people with allergies to electromagnetic fields.They have a standard allergic reaction due to contact with such electrical appliances, power lines and towers.These measurements are often better done through dowsing, or through devices.Our sensitivity is much larger, and our ability to separate signal from noise is - by pattern recognition - a lot bigger.We may differ in determining Megaherz domain within one second, indicating that our wichelvermogen based on the phase comparison of very high frequencies.Wichelen is the method of choice for the measurement of electro-sensitive people, because in their case, all electronic measuring devices unusable.It is the electromagnetic spectrum as possible of these people by giving them a measuring tube with water in hand to take it on a wooden plank to save (succussion), so their field is stored in the water and even (in aluminum foilpackaged) by post sending.There is also a relationship between our dowsing power, and the meridians: Heart as Point and Pericardiumpunt-9-9 to be interconnected with one hand, it falls away wichelvermogen.Again: this is to phase relations between the frequencies in our bodies.Cyril Smith made a list of frequencies that are related to the chakras, meridians, autonomic nervous system, as already described by Dr. Voll.
Table 7.8.1?
Fröhlich examined the frequencies related to cell growth, cancer in particular.Cells are based on frequency, and frequency is programmable cellular behavior (which is reflected in daughter cells).Frequencies of milliHerz gigaherz to play a role.In the formation of cancer frequencies 500-3000 [GHz] determined.50 Hz frequency can still be measured and a microscopy preparation of leukemia cells.Low dose (30C) can neutralize homeopathic sulfur, because the inverse frequency offers.Conversely, it is known that a microwave (2.45 [GHz]) affects the isomerization of amino acids.Isomeerstructuren change the frequencies of molecules.Water is a different story.The ground state is consistent.This means that, unlike a laser, do not have to be turned into a coherent state.It can thus save large cohesion within 75 [nm] reserves.As water is coherent, and the rest is active, it is simultaneously an energy basis, and file information to the cells.It makes the cells in their coherent wave field.A coherent whole system responds to external stimuli, or not.Information propagation in water of a Fractal.It can reproduce by any means available, regardless of the scale.Chemical, electrical and biological processes are all connected therein.It is not about the transfer of energy, but information.(This is characteristic of the transfer meridians. Ed.) That transfer of coherence occurs faster than light.(Because it's not about golf, but golf goes.) The water that we know is 72% incoherent, or gaseous, and 28% coherent, or crystalline (in 75 [nm] gebiedjes).The amorphous water gives the standard thermodynamic properties, the crystalline part provides the information.This is also the case in which water molecules occurs, they have characteristic frequency signature.Storage in water is related to the 28, 47 and 78 [μm] rotation lines in water.The information is retained in water succussion times, but gets replaced by a signal on a higher order resonance frequency, determined by the degree of dilution.Water is to 'describe' by a combination of electric and magnetic fields.This is water 'inform', as in making homeopathic remedies.It is also possible to disrupt the water, as happens with power lines and towers.Information is water can be erased when metal is shielded from the Earth's magnetic field.The limit for this is a field strength of about 1% of Earth's magnetic field.Information will also be cleared if the distance is less than 109 [μm], which means that two domains should consist of water crystallization (52.92 [μm]) for information to be stored in water.By storing information in water pushes the resonant frequency of the water, it can be calculated that water can store 982 different frequencies simultaneously, but this depends on the acidity.It showed that water in this way can be used as a microprocessor for storing and editing frequencies and calculating results.The voltages of nerves meet to be able to do.
Biology is indeed a quantum field phenomenon.Electric polarization density determines the degree of ordering of living systems.Water containing an energy source and information carrier.Associated with the field, the information transfer rates (consciousness) huge, and the stability (health) in size.Relationships are determined frequency therein, why homeopathy effect: the water used to selectively transfer frequencies.Organisms quantum holographic systems by the dynamical coherence of frequency and phase.
Cyril Smith {}

Coherence in organisms that plays a decisive role is now indisputable.Measurements have shown that good.The question is what determines the relationship between all the frequencies involved in an organism: sound, electromagnetism, heat, and light.These periods, circadian rhythms, cell cycles, and rhythms that we ourselves can not measure.Body Heat is part of the radiation, so signals that determine our physical relationship.It is also, along with food, some of the energy that our body moves.Quantum Field Theory in energy and information come together.A special aspect of this concerns the role of light in that description: there's more to tell.Dis is the study of bio photons.Through the appearance of light is the consistency of an organism to be measured.Quantum theory describes the jump of an electron in an atom to another orbit accompanied by the release or absorption of a photon.In our body there are many molecules, including the pigments, which include photons, storing, issuing and transform.Our body has a metabolism so light.It is notable that the cohesion of cell division in the body is so meticulously maintained.What is the control system so that happens?What makes the cohesion of our body so perfect that, organizationally, resembles a crystal?There are very good information flows needed, at high speed.It is because of the high speed that research is focused on the study of light as an information system in our body."Biophotons" is the term used to describe indicators of cell division.Research showed they must be consistent with wavelength of 200 to 800 [nm].30 years study.They form part of the system of vibrations that determines the consistency of an organism.It is the consistency of the vibrations, the total frequency spectrum, we can describe as a wave field.Inside we can relationships between frequencies, inn conjunction with atoms, molecules, cells and organs determine.This is an electrical part that has to do with the jump of orbit of electrons, and an information section, we can associate with the exchange of photons.The first describes as, so to speak, the 'power', the second "intelligence".Both together are part of the same whole.Consistency is shown in two forms.In dead matter is the stochastic consistency, and expressed by a Gaussian curve in a linear assenstelsel.In organisms, the relationship also determined by a Gaussian curve, but in a logarithmic coordinate system.This is to distinguish life from death, illness and health.Linear or logarithmic.Se differences are now biofotonentelling to measure the radiation is to see whether a coherent body / health (loghnormale Gaussian distribution) or not (linear Gaussian distribution).Because the body is an integral relationship field, with a wide spectrum of frequencies, the same can also be measured, for example, the electrical resistance of the skin.Measuring the light that it puts our body radiates health research, literally, in a different light.Healthy organisms have a coherent light field (say, a hologram), an unhealthy body, the light lost.In health, the vibration field integral, in illness, the loss of coherence of the vibration.
{F} A Popp

Cancer is an example of a disease in which the loss of coherence is clearly visible.Part of the body grows in a way that the rest of the body is disconnected.This is measurable.The (quantum) wave field of vibration falls apart.The intertwined paired frequencies are decoupled and can be divided into separate areas.There are holes in the consistency of the web of frequencies.As a result, movements of parts of the system disconnected from each other.It is well known in the metabolic cycle of our body (eg in the way hormones and their metabolites that regulate processes).The same applies to the transfer of movement between different layers of the system (eg electron exchange on molecular structure, chemical processes, physical movement, our bodies and our environment. And the interactions between people, organs, cells and atoms ofmolecules. In diseases such as cancer are the cell movement, and their growth, not part of the same system. At that level, membrane function is disturbed, the protein production disrupted, and their coupling frequencies changed. This can be measured. Another involves the interplay betweenfrequencies. In cancer seems important is to assume that - a little earlier for water bet out - energy is lost to the coherent system (golf course, health) to the incoherent system (turbulence, heat). In one cell act the microtubules and the membraneimportant role in transforming frequencies. The cancer is a series of steps. Generic abnormalities, changes in protein synthesis, membrane changes, changes in the environment thereby changing cell organization: everything is connected to the combination of frequencies. (The first study described by Fröhlich to an atom in a conductor beware related. Ed.) It is best described as a change in phase relationship. Frequency Relationships are lost, compare it with an agreement that disintegrates into a single tone. Because that is not moving withthe music of the surrounding cells, the false harmony. And eventually the music stops.
Pokorný Jiri {}

Herbert Frölich was born December 9, 1905 in 10hr30 Rexingen, grew up in Munich, where he also studied physics.
Gerard Hyland {J}

This book description follows the format of the book.That what physics is described, in line with the study of Fröhlich - interpreted for the functioning of our body.

The author
O # o of Nieuwenhuijze is an engineer and physician.In his work he explores the consistency of information and matter, as it shows in our living body.

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