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Book Review
James Oshmann
Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis
ISBN 0-443-06261-7

The Living Tissue (the Matrix of Life)

James Oschmann, in his book, much research collected.His goal is to underpin the "Energy Medicine".For those who want to quickly read in the way currently to the body can be examined, in this book are many clues to be found.The significance of the book by Oschmann place it is convenient to first establish a framework of a development in which this book a place: The Living Matrix, the study of living tissue.It is the practical form of the integration system of the body

This book review will be highlighted a number of key ideas from the book:
• The Living Tissue
· Connective Tissue
· Bio-electronics
Important Information> Natural flows

"The Living Matrix" is a new and highly appropriate, development of life science.Biology and medicine have so far been based heavily on reductionist mechanistic models, which give little connection to better cope with what we experience in the body.The Living Matrix (Live Tissue) is a development where the latest development of science together: computer, electronics, physics and mathematics.For each of those terms, we must now "Organic" places.In the body, we can apply that knowledge is not as if they are the properties of objects.In the body refers to these principles as we subjectively experience.The medicine is about understanding so that they can be used to help one another heal.

The Living Tissue ignores the study of histology and pathology.Celstudie here means that it comes to understanding how living cells 'thinking' work, communicate, and preserve their own wholeness.
The connective tissue is a central example here: it is like the membrane of a cell, but at the level of the membrane of all cells: the tissue in which all cells, and the body are connected.
The Bio-Electronics is a central factor here.The special properties of the materials in the body tissue can be seen, especially in terms of electronic properties and functions.
The Bio-Informatics summarizes the underlying meaning of it together.The body is not an electrical device, but a supercomputer.The streams in our body are connected what we think (software) with what we do (hardware).

James Oschmann traditionally begins with a historical perspective, as in a normal scientific approach.It shows that in that past from which all other branches of science were developed, other roots can be found.Oschmann, the researchers into bio-electrical fields to the attention which the work of Harold Saxon Burr extensive nominated.The importance of electricity to our functioning (EEG, ECG, EMC, ...) in the larger context of navigation in the area by birds and other animals.This is an important factor because it connects thinking about bio-electricity as power for a machine "with bioelectronics" the flow of information in the body. "Both are important for the way we interact with the environment.Both, especially the relationship between the two, we need to better understand.This is done in the "bio-circuits.It is an important chapter, because this is explicitly shown that it is high time that we think differently about our bodies.Not in terms of anatomy and organs, but in terms of dealing with consciousness.

Let's core thoughts straight.The book presents the principles described in the figures:
We can no longer think in terms of matter, this is the physics already too far advanced.We know something that we do not yet understand the connection states of atoms.We also know that the EAP has information (organization, coherence).We also know that what physics is described also applies to our bodies.What we do not know how we can recognize.We therefore need to think beyond what we previously learned.It is not electricity but electronics.It's not about power flows, but flows of information.The cells are not dead but alive.We can not approach cells as a thing, but as self-conscious beings who can communicate.Asking how we can best communicate it.

Part of the answer in the book to find.Cells are not bags of soup of chemical substances.All molecules are interconnected - including the environment - from long chains of reactions that are generally still too complex to describe.Molecules, membranes, cells and organs therein, and therefore all connected.The book shows the levels seen in their corresponding figures.All structures and chemical exchanges are determined by atomic bonds, and thus by electromagnetic forces.Membranes can be extremely high tension electrical store.Bio-molecules act as semiconductors, and determine the regulation of flows.As mentioned, electric currents are related to flows of information.Cell communication is a part of that story.Cell structure is the other side of history.

The tissue of the body is the result of this flow of information.The details of the transistor characteristics, the liquid crystal properties, piezoelectric effects on the basis of figures shown.We take the listed properties of living tissue shortened to:

• The Living Tissue connecting all cell membranes to the cytoskeleton of all cells of the body.
• The connective tissue (connective tissue) surrounds all systems: circulation, nerves, muscles, organs, bones, ..
• The shape of the body is determined by the connective tissue
· All body movements are related to (dis) stress the connective tissue.
• The connective tissue system is a semiconductor medium, by and for the whole body.

The Living Matrix stretching out over the whole body, it is a network of supra-molecules.The genome is a part of as part of the nuclear matrix of all cells.All body molecules are connected in that network.Together they form the bio-computer, our body.Each part is part of the whole: there are no parts, and no part is dominant.It responds to information, including our intention.
Reductionism has no model.By looking at the part is understanding the total loss.It can therefore not understand why such acupuncture consistency of the whole system can regulate.Systems theory of biologist von Bertalanffy (1971) that this concept can offer is ignored in medicine.

Albert Szent-Gyrgyi, Robert Becker, Herbert Frhlich, Donald Ingber, Pienta & Coffey are listed.For many, this still unfamiliar names, but their understanding is crucial to understanding how our body functions, so understanding how to use the medicine.Together they describe in detail the formation and shape, tension and relaxation, come together in our bodies.By Buckminster Fuller-developed concept of tensegrity is explained.In the body, we see this as the interplay of muscles (pull) and bones (press) that the principle to the micro level in the interaction of atoms and molecules in the cell structure is recognizable.

The rest of the book shows how these principles in the interaction between electromagnetic fields and the semiconductor material of our body is identified.What the general understanding of our conscious experience is still relevant, the Microgenese Theory.It is based on extensive research, which is only known by few.It describes how brain wave cycles of about 0.1 seconds.From the Thalamus (the pacemaker) is a pulse through the memory fields of the 'body map' along the 'area map' our 'environment experience' to the cortex.This is a fundamental model which assess the biophysics of the body (somatic medical treatment), body memory (body-oriented therapies), our memories of our experiences (psychotherapy), together with our conscious experience (option) is basically the description ofintegration of the various therapies, based on the consistency that we find in each brainwave cycle.

The book helps our body, and therefore the treatments, a much more fundamental level to understand.

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