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The Anatomy Course, Our Living Body, consists of 4 modules

Module 1 & 2 are presentations on the way the body (1) is formed and (2) functions. They form one unit.
Module 3 & 4 are exercises in which the participants (3) learn to find out what is known of the human body and (4) trust themselves to communicate their understanding to others.

The content of Modules 1 & 2 is detailed in the table below.
Modules 3 & 4 study, respectively, the body Anatomy, Physiology, Regulatory system and Integration system.
Each 5th meeting serves for self-evaluation and personal presentations.

All the course material can be found in the world libraries and on the www: anatomy has been well studied.
The students create their own work book (portfolio), in which they collect and integrate their own understanding.
During the course the participants prepare and present two presentations.(Modules 1 & 2)
They also, by synergy, create an instruction booklet (Module 3) which they together validate (Module 4).

The result is that the participants understand how the body is created (Module 1), how it works (Module 2), how they can understand it (Module 3), and that they can trust how they communicate this to others (Module 4).
The aim of the course thus is very practical: to be able to help others understand how their body functions.

The course has been designed to be valid for any form of healing; it integrates the various perspectives on the body, in the body, and helps understand that our living body is the integrative factor for all methods of healing.

Weekend 1

Introduction: Separation = Connection

 1 cell


Learning with SOUL

S.O.U.:L., Step by Step


Our Living Body

Body Design (exercise)




Weekend 2

From Cell to Body: Interfacing

2 Cells

Neurocrine System

Cell Divisions

Division, Perspective

Neurocrine Systems




Systems Theory

General Systems Theory

Weekend 3

From State to Process: Alternatives

 4 cells

Ingestion & Digestion

Transformations: The 4 Seas of the Body

Transforming Alternatives


Body Chemistry, Digestion


The Organ Blood

Body Rhythms

Body Rhythms, The Song & Dance of the Body

Weekend 4

From Function to Form: Organisation

8 cells

Organ System

Transmutations (“all organs are one organ”)

The Core Concept, All Organs are One Organ

Solid Organs

The Hollow/Solid Organs

Hollow Organs


Our Experience of Our Organs


Weekend 5

Learning from our Body

The Turning Point:

Easy learning

Our Body of Knowledge

Learning the easy way

Mini Conference

Personal Perspectives

Mini Book Fair


Reading the body as a book


Weekend 6


Our Standpoint:

Muscle Skeleton

the 4 Animals in us

The Four Animals in us, Pattern Recognition


Making Bones


Muscle Patterns

Reflex patterns


Weekend 7


Our Experience:

Endocrine system



The Endocrine System

The Endocrine Cascade



Disease Patterns

The Chackra System

Weekend 8


Our Learning:

Immune System

The Sensory system

Transcending Boundaries, The Cranial Nerves

The Immune System

The Immune System, Symbiosis

Learning Development and Memory

Soul, Personality

States of (in-between) consciousness


Weekend 9


Body Knowledge:

Health & healing





Sleep, the healer

Sleep, the Healer, (BATD)



Weekend 10



Response Ability

Self-Evaluation (in practice)


Mini Conference


Mini Book Fair


Follow-up in Modules 3 & 4



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