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Integration of medicine from an ecological perspective

Medicine is working on a healthy future for mankind.This message sounds beyond medicine is music to the ears in medicine and provides the necessary pride.Proud of all the developments in biomedical knowledge and derived feats in the field of drug and technical resources.The healthy future of mankind is in line with the steps already put on the long road to improvements in human health.The question arises what is meant by improvement and healthy future.Are these goals are well defined and reachable?This introduction is a broader context for discussion.A healthy future is not only dependent on the medicine.The interaction is considerably more complicated.In a TIG Yearbook with the theme of Integration, the question is not missing or work for a healthy future not from a broader perspective should be made.This requires a new context for professional medical profession, in a form of integration in which both conventional and alternative-complementary involved?

It is generally accepted that there are problems in health care and that health problems increase.Customary to refer to the burden that chronic diseases pose to the patient and society.These problems are essentially different in nature.There are many reasons for this and are fully discussed in the biomedical literature.They point to the dangers of food, noise, air pollution and so on.It is almost always traced back to our industrial lifestyle.In ancient times, the man used his illness to be experienced within the welfare of the natural world.If it's natural environment was very wrong by prolonged drought or floods made man part of the whole misery.Usually the natural world provided an abundance of clean air and water, where food and grew at a healthy soil.Even into early periods of concentrated habitation were residents of residential areas rely on purification processes of natural elements.After all the polluting materials themselves were subject to natural degradation and reuptake into the ever-renewing cycles of life processes.But this is no longer the case and we can justifiably speak of problems that are essentially different in nature.

The purifying processes of nature are oppressed by the enormous proportion, the complex composition and universal occurrence of non-toxic and biodegradable materials.Besides the enormous pressure of chemical substances is also the pressure of physical processes, such as sound, light and other radiation fields that are exploited for communication.These physical processes pressing the bioritmiek of the natural world, whether human, animal, plant and microorganism.It is within this context that the medical profession should see his role.It makes little sense to speak of a healthy (for future) man in the sense that a continuous pressure on the earth processes taking place where the human health, and all organisms, but only worse.The medical profession, the medical practice extended far into the range of society, down to earth processes.This will naturally slippery enter.This is an area that many people perceived as floating.It will hopefully in the course also clear why this is so may be felt.This makes it legitimate at the same time this discussion to go to find the necessary solutions.

Healing of the Earth
What do you feel from a medical professional in the context of Earth processes proposals?Simply put, we can say that the Earth processes links can not miss.We also need the (bio) medical glasses look to heal the Earth.This way of looking, this perspective should not only an important condition, but may even be the first prerequisite for a healthy person in the future.This means that the emphasis on the location (the location and alignment) of humans in the natural world, and this pressure is exerted on the health of the natural world as a whole.This perspective should be part of the primary rules towards human welfare.The medical profession itself should notify the ways the human species as well as individuals continue to exist within the community of all kinds.

Here there is now a gap in current thinking.Indeed, the doctor still works at the level of the patient and not at the level of the species, let alone the level of the Earth.However, this can be regarded as a training problem.This then also automatically go to the informant and organizers of our knowledge package, the role of universities.Universities decide how to train people for today's society and the current questions regarding survival in an era when so much damage to the Earth and the unity of life is done.It is interesting how the universities are here and what a university does.

Our universities have gone through many transitions since they first emerged in medieval times.But they have not previously experienced a transition that characterizes the current decline of an entire planet by its own input: human intervention.The change in human health (only) one of the consequences.How these developments and the decline has been able to place the university in a central guiding role of knowledge is an interesting and crucial question.In order to gain an insight into that must first be accepted that the university is one of the four fundamental pillars that define human life.These four pillars are the government, religious traditions, the university and the commercial and industrial companies.

Four factors for health
Many parties have illustrated that each of the four pillars in the basic design flaws.All pillars suppose that there exists a limit, in other words there is a radical discontinuity between the human way of being, with all the rights and corresponding values that are given to man, and the non-human being.The "other-than-human" world is not recognized or recognized as a world with some rights and values.This world has only one reality and a value by identifying with a human value.That value comes from their use by humans.It is this attitude that has lead to the deterioration of the non-human world by humans.

Early human traditions have a deep intimacy with the natural world in all its living forms had their legacy and show the deep spiritual and religious experience of natural phenomena.That has changed dramatically.Man is this intimate relationship with the natural world continued into modern civilization as it now operates, as it were separate from nature, where the university student prepares his role in the natural world.The focus lies in the dominance of culture over nature.That role is now to expand the human domain over the natural world.The university prepares students not on an intimate presence of the natural world.The use of this power in a way that the natural world wegcijfert has exhausted the planet and distorted.This is serious such that we have entered a cultural disorientation that intellectually is maintained by the universities.The disorientation is in the economic field by the big companies maintained, legally under the Constitution and related rules, and spiritually through religious bodies.

The role of university education
Universities should recognize their role in it.Indeed, in all these ranges are educated people and a determined attitude.The university should make clear that not only the human world and human health, but throughout life, the whole chemistry of the planet, to the geological structures, the atmosphere and hydrosphere degenerates in a way that is irreversible.The genetic types that we will never eradicate return.This is a process of dying from a medical perspective we can see: our environment is shown.Our understanding of the medicine will help us to correct this?It suggests the idea of the principle of medicine at a higher level view, and use.

Without going deeply into the role of each discipline, it can easily be raised of how the discipline dealing with the devastation.In economic terms it is the separation of the human economy from that of the Earth economy.An increasing gross human product with a declining gross Earth product is not only an absurd contradiction, it is disastrous.Preserving the integrity of the Earth economy, the goal of any human economic program.Yet it is hard to find a university that this first principle of the (new) economy wants to teach.The word 'economy' is to reduce it to its original base, " ©   ®   © " (Greek): life in harmony with the natural environment.
Destroying the planet for human profit or: to improve the human situation is also found in many constitutions to man gives a governing elite.This governing power is only human, there is no legal protection for the natural world outside man.Legal status of human rights for non-natural forms of his seems especially necessary now that the man possesses such extensive powers over the functioning of the planet.Yet these efforts are not widely recognized, much less concrete forms of execution.The aim is somewhat at higher levels detected.An example is the World Charter for Nature (General Assembly, 1982), which states that "all life is unique and worthy of respect regardless of its value for humans and other organisms on this grant,the individual should be guided by a moral code ".
The religious establishment is also in default, mostly by not teach that the natural world, our world is the first experience.There may of course many more arguments.But more interesting is the deeper problem with the universities to identify, because there is a solution.

By the attitude of the university with respect to these three disciplines, we are accustomed to the idea that the more we use the world around us, the more we are making progress towards a higher state of being.The deeper problem in the university is located in the humanistic view, which assumes that the university must provide for the extension of the purely-human quality of life.This man is centrally positioned within the structure and functioning of the planet.Man, however, will only be fully functioning within the order of a balanced Earth.It is not to mean that the knowledge which has been gathered to rectify a mistake, the mistake that non-human world is but a simple mechanism that can be used for human welfare.

Combining Culture - Nature
It is currently a need to learn how we can be present in a liveable world with a religion not pious, not too much looting businesses and governments that can not be submissive but contribute to proper remedies.The universities would understand and have the freedom to impart leadership to.They would both capacity and critical influence on the thinking of society should have.In their special way, the universities contact with the younger generation needed to refocus.

Medicine and ecology
We started with medicine and healthy people of the future.The above critique has suggested that there is a central pathology: the decoupling of the human and nonhuman.A culture apart from nature.This discontinuity can only be overturned if our vision of life is based on the continuity of a single integrated community where people and the non-human equivalent part.This principle of continuity should the universities to form the primary guiding principle.It must be the guiding principle for the legislator, the technologist, the healer, the company and the teacher.It should apply to human intellectual development as a whole.We can not be easily resolved with a course in ecology.Instead, the ecological basis of all courses.Ecology is not a part of medicine, medicine is a part of ecology.Ecology is not a part of rights, duties constitute a significant extension of ecology.

The Programme vision is growing but the problems are large.Scientists who look beyond borders will be the first to join the discussion.The development is not primarily conventional or alternative.Nor is the integration between the different directions that plays a role.It's about how the healing methods, possibly as integrative medicine, will dare to fit into a higher level of integration.Man as part of humanity, mankind as a part of life, and level as part of the Earth.Seeing this integration also offers insight into the healing of the problems we currently face, because this integration was broken.

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Abstract - Integration of medicine from an ecological perspective
Medicine is the ability to restore health.The old word "Helen" indicates that it is the integration of humans in its environment.For some time now that combination broken, the culture has been systematically put further beyond nature.The universities have a major contribution to that development.It is therefore natural to seek solutions to the universities.In their study shows that their results are based on the study of nature.It is important to provide not more separated from nature, but to understanding nature as the foundation for our balance in our environment, and therefore healing.Medicine is thus a metaphor for restoring the balance of man in its natural environment.

Summary - Integrating health care alternatives: an ecological Interpretation
Healing is the art and Restoring Wholeness.It is based on the integration of the human in the environment.Presently, humanity experiences many environmental problems, Which must or are man made.Humans have Placed Themselves outside of nature.Universities have contributed in propagating this idea.It makes sense to look at the universities for a solution.All academic disciplines are based on the study of nature.That is it Necessary to link to a respect for nature, and to restore the definition of culture, as part of nature.That sense in the healing arts Can Be Interpreted in a generalized sense: as the art of understanding the well-being of humans, and humanity, as part of the well-being of nature.

Key Words:
Integration, healthcare, ecology, sustainability, university, education

The Author
Roel van Wijk is a biologist specializing in molecular cell biology and integrative biophysics, until his retirement as associate professor at the University of Utrecht.He is currently affiliated with the International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany.

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