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Self Assured - a project for assured self care

  • a co-operative corporation by association of self care practitioners
  • Listen to a general description of principles and concepts, practice and performance
  • Decide for yourself if this is what you wish to create for yourself, and/with others.
  • Sign up to join in

The health care profession, in the West, lives off disease.
Health care insurance companies wish to turn this into profit.
They do this by not paying out off the money people paid in.
This means that many people do not get the care they paid for.

The solution not paying for what you do not want.
1) help people care for their own health (and that of others).
2) make use of disease-preventing forms of health care.
3) get rid of those who live off disease and do not care for health

Practically this means: get rid of the so-called ‘health care insurance’.
They are merely a money collection agency for drug-doctors.
They regard themselves as self-appointed (your!) budget protectors.
While in fact they serve no purpose; and merely cost money.

Health insurance is NOT about having someone else pay for your treatment.
Being assured of health means that you know how to care for your body.
Your body, like everything else, needs care and comfort, upkeep and protection.
Thus it is most important that you know (how) to do this.


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