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SIG promotes the principle of autonomy.

The less dependent clients are on therapists, the greater is the respect of what they can offer.
More important than a therapist who helps resolve problems, is the therapist who helps prevent them.

For this reason SIG asks the Therapists who wish to operate under the auspices of the concept of Integral health care, to serve as Therapy Tutors.

This means that 1 evening per week (or one evening per two weeks) they open their therapy practice for their clients to come learns some aspect of therapy and treatment.
The aim is to familiarise their clients with the most common ailments and their causes.
This helps the clients to take care of these by themselves.
It also makes it possible for the therapists to be of more help in which their help is more demanding.

The concept of Therapy Tutors also helps set up the therapy practice on a more financially sound basis: the clients invest in their health. And thereby prevent disease.

The concept of Therapy Tutor can be expanded to a subscription: the clients invest in a base rate, for which they know that they cover the overheads and expenses of the therapeutical practice. They can regard themselves as investors in their own well-being and health. Or they can consider themselves shareholders in the quality of ‘their’ therapeutic practice. the consequence is that they can pay less and get more. Rather than paying for treatment of diseases, they learn to take care of their own health.

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