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Diseases are healthy processes that are "stagnated" or "blocked".
Bert Verveen ("System (patho) physiology”) perfectly described this.
This means that it is unhealthy to 'fight' disease (= stagnated health).
Because that interferes with an interrupted healthy body processes.

What is needed is the recognition and identification of the disrupted healthy process.
That cannot be done at the process level; it must be done at the level of processes regulation.
The material object does not matter; what matters is the communication of information.
This is the information communication of living cells in organs of the whole body.

Study the work of Charles Rowlatt. Bert Verveen, Karl Pribram, and many others.
Disease never occurs at the level of individual body cells; study Hans Reckeweg, James Oschmann, Bruce Lipton and others to understand this.
Disease always involves disruption of the interaction between living cells.
Disruption generally arises from errors in our perception of our environment.

Diseases are caused ONLY by problems with system boundary regulation.
Please refer to the work of Bert Verveen, Charles Rowlatt, Gerd Hanappi and others.
A disease involves a sign-reversal due to transition across a system boundary.
This makes it possible to define illness of a system in mathematical terms.

By understanding disease in this manner, we can very well understand prevention.
Sickness is disruption of the healthy situation.
Health itself is very well defined (See “The Equation of Health”).
Disease prevention is the preservation of health by monitoring/maintaining the integrity of the system boundary of/as/in the system in its context.

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