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Health can be explicitly defined.
It is NOT the ‘absence of disease'.
Disease is a form of stagnated health.
It makes no sense to combat disease.

Healing is about restoring health.
The definition of health is simple, but complex.
Simple, because it is the wholeness of our body system
Complex, because it is about the interplay of all our cells.

“All our cells”: we must take that literally.
These are all cells, every cell in your body.
It is also about us as humans (and) in humanity.
But it involves our existence as a form of all forms of life on Earth.

It seems complex but the principle is simple.
Your life arises from your first cell, the zygote.
Through cell fusion (sex) the first cell was formed.
Through cell division (growth) your body was formed.

Our existence as humans is part of all forms of life.
Darwin showed how all animal life forms are interrelated.
Linnaeus had already shown that all plants are interrelated.
Lynn Margulis explained how all life forms formed from microbes.

It all comes together into one integral principle.
Compare the universe as a whole to a hologram.
Partly it is field of pure and indistinct information (phase).
Partly it is a combination of coherent waves (Matter).

In a hologram every part relates to the whole.
We see that in our body cells sharing all their information through DNA.
But we recognise also in sound-, colour-, aroma- and information-medicine.
Information medicine is therefore the first choice for all healing.

  1. Information Therapy restores the full information integrity in our body.
  2. Regulation Therapy aims to restore the system boundary within its context.
  3. Physiological Therapy reconnects the body processes with those of the context.
  4. Anatomical treatment can repair the body structure when needed.

The Anatomical structure is a result, consequence of, physiological processes.
The Physiological process integrity is maintained by system regulation.
The Regulatory system is a consequence, effect of, information organisation in our body.
Information Integrity, and in(-)formation integration are the basis of the structure of the universe, and of our body.

"The Equation of Health” describes the (Vrobel) fractal (time) coherence of our body as a whole.
Bert Verveen and Charles Rowlatt showed that our body must be regarded as an integral dynamic system.
Hans Selye, Cyril Smith, Bill Tiller and Björn Nordenström showed that what matters is the (von Bertalanffy) system boundary regulation.
Karl Pribram and Denis Gabor explained that we can explain this all in terms of holograms.

Together this allows us to understand and describe health explicitly.
It's simple, and complex.
Simple because it is about the dynamic fractal coherence of cell cycles.
Complex because it involves many cells, which were formed from that simple principle.

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