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Valerie V. Hunt
Infinite Mind
Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness
Malibu Publishing Co., Malibu, Ca, USA
ISBN 0-9643988-1-8

The work of Valerie Hunt

Printed in 1998, the chapter on Healing unfortunately still in the future as a base material for the first University Day of medical students. It summarizes the development of medicine together, and explains in brief how to draw from in the West, the ("Eastern") and traditional medicine (Western) 'Modern' medicine were separated. The text of the book explains how - measurable - Spiritual healing is the basis of healing and how healing works in the body. It is an impressive piece of work by a woman who began as a skeptical academic researcher to the (electro) physiology, later in himself the power to heal spiritually developed.
(Her book "Mind Mastery Meditations" offers these lessons for education for the general user.)

Valerie Hunt's work is renowned for her research on electromagnetic frequencies in the body. Her previous work was pioneered by the results of the measurements were compared with the findings of a psychic (Rosalyn Bruyere). While the psychic saw the color red around a body (in an electromagnetically shielded mu-room, even in the body) was in the EMG (muscle measurement) actually measured the frequency red. (What is striking that it was a Fourier component: a method that makes explicit consistency over time).
The measurements were made to people at the same time through an intensive massage treatment ("Rolfing") patients.(Rolfing was developed by Ida Rolf. This method provides a sufficiently deep pressure on muscles that old muscle tension, and the old memories they contain unconscious detained movements released.) The finding relief in the patients was consistent with what the psychics saw: and after series of treatments, the body clears the aura and become whiter.

Valerie Hunt's work provides insight into what is meant by the aura. The description is partly technical, and illustrated it with pictures as 'evidence' back of the book presents. They are tracing and oscilloscope images of muscle tension in different areas of the body under different circumstances. Healthy subjects, those with complaints, and people who were cured were measured. The energy spectrum of different types of healers was measured. During the measurements was also apparent that the Earth's magnetic field and electric field is important for the body, and that electrical devices may interfere with health. These distortions have been measured before the body is physically change.

How the electrical measurements with our health are related in the book in detail. The work of many researchers passes in review. Not only the history of the electrophysiological measurements are thus, by working, good image, but also provides the connection to the recent conclusions that all molecules in our bodies electrical effects. All molecules are part of a complex structure: a bio-electronic system for processing information. (See also the contributions Durée and Laszlo in this book.) This puts the information central to the wellbeing of our body. This is measured by its electromagnetic field when she was appointed to the Mental Field ("Mind Field"). Its importance is that this field is directly responsive to what we feel and think.This is the starting point for mental healing to understand and use.

In her book she explains how she has come to recognize the miraculous healing, as has also been described by many religions, no more than a proper understanding and use of the Mind Field. She has himself experienced at first hand, every time she was treated and later treatments they gave themselves. For her, it means that we have in our body a coherent electromagnetic "body" (field) working life, which is characterized by specific frequency related. 'Proof' 4 & 6 in her book, for example, show the measured frequencies in the aura. This also explains the spiritual medicine for what is actually said to measure: good health it is important that the frequencies increase. When 'illness' frequency is disturbed coherence and consistency is lost between the frequency ranges. Specific frequency ranges, in measurement, are therefore more (or less) than otherwise. (See also work of Marty Wuttke, in this yearbook.)
(From other work (Lawrence Edwards, The Vortex of Life) is to understand that the frequency patterns in our body in a 'spiral' them; disturbances in health are related to the interrupt than the coherence of this spiral, Ed.) .

The electric field and magnetic field work it together. (The relationship between structure and movement in the book review on the work of Mae-Wan Ho describes.) Changes in the Earth's magnetic field have a direct effect on the body. Her experience - that old people are beginning to feel significantly better on a boat trip to the South Pole - was the basis for its measurements in a magnetically shielded room, and the basis for the importance of har whole work. It shows how important the electromagnetic field for our body, and that we experience in our immediate future are connected. Also, this electromagnetic field its own consistency (physiology) and structure (anatomy) holds, which is still a lot to learn.

The book as a whole constitutes a guideline, based on its experience, the link between Mind & Body (mind and body). This has direct impact on health and art of healing. It shifts the focus from cure to prevention. If the measurement is clear that the electromagnetic disruption rather than the body, the anatomically based medicine, which we use in the West, by definition "too late". Thing to see is running behind the facts. The spiritual medicine - the prophets - or provide a better basis. It is clear, explicitly clear that who can see what the regulated medicine (yet) see. That is true, one reason that cures to use: they provide a necessary supplement to what the regulated medicine (still) can measure. Valerie Hunt's work offers an important and necessary bridging between the two.

That is what happened in her chapter on healing can be found: the development of health medicine which was disconnected.
(The development in technology led to a paradigm shift, from vitalism to mechanism. Based on the use of machinery ... the man with a machine compared and viewed more as a machine. This is basically a deadly approach: the living man is essentially different from dead matter in that approach as a basic model is used. That is why this whole Yearbook bridges the gap for this approach based on the study of life seem to connect again. Ed.)

From medicine to medicine

Summary, with annotations, the chapter on self-healing and healing:

The ancients healing in the temples, was the dream consciousness of the healers and the sick used to the consistency of the Mental Field to recover. Therefore we also made use of the earlier understanding of the relationship of man in the area, and the properties of the Chakras (also Valerie Hunt has now measured). Mesmer, the conception of the link between consciousness and gezndheid later arrested, and by Phineas Quimby that become the basis of the approach of Mary Baker Eddy. By colonialism would give the African Spiritism a revival of the study of psychic healing in England and France. After the invention of the printing press was gradually learning into practice by learning from books is replaced, the spiritual medicine was gradually (al) chemical and herbal medicine overshadowed. In the 19th century was a doctor in principle, but still a healer. The rise of universities has shifted the focus of contact with the patient in the environment (the traveling doctor) to treat the patient from the environment (the surgery). By developing technologies shifted the balance away from treatment (counseling) to recipe (symptomatic treatment). The first development in electro-medicine were lost when the emphasis was on chemical preparations. (Commercial considerations played a crucial role: it could be earned on more sales to many customers, then to a few doctors.)'s Illness and treatment were impersonal. Personal involvement in the healing process was lost, first with the patient, then the practitioners: doctors are healers. Understanding the importance of healing and self healing was thus lost. After the development of antibiotic (against life-substances) had lost the link to perception. Diseases were considered as biochemical, and the treatment was - almost exclusively - found in pills. (The pharmacy is therefore the medicine has to decide. Ed.) Emphasis was therefore placed on the treatment of communicable diseases, many diseases are viewed that way. Degenerative diseases - based on loss of the internal coherence of the organism - would not be cured. (But if the industry does well because the solution should be sought. Ed.) But the earlier treatments and solutions were already deserted.
The traditional approach: locating the patient, guiding the patient's relationship with the self healing process, and working society of their own (self) healing by the industrial technological approach was discarded. It led its own hidden life outside the spotlight of the technology. But there are always people who left their own healing abilities learned to recognize and use, and that from / to others could learn. Because it was about personal experience, body language, of mostly un (der) conscious processes was not to describe objectively. Parallels the language of symbols and metaphors was for insiders (people with experience) easy to understand, but for others it was very misleading and has to confusion and therefore rejection can lead. Again we see the difference between experience and wisdom book wisdom, and the gap between the two gradually grew. (Currently it even seems like something only what is called as many have described, rather than to his cost may be experienced. Ed.) Thanks 'political interests' (= industry), the path of self healing not supported, and were increasingly recognized healers (= paid from the regulated flow of funds). This is also the difference between autonomy (= health) and control (= dependence) as defined by political / economic interests was determined. The result is that the healers 'second class' have become in relation to doctors. Fortunately, the impact of their work so well that this art has not disappeared. Wherever the information consistency of the body is disturbed, they work well.
Today's intuitive healers are better at what they do to investigate and describe. Again, the development of crucial technology to help others understand what they, the healers, experience. A number of academically trained physicians, with personal experiences or mystical healing power, began to explore this with their instruments. The gap - through technology - theory and practice had grown from both sides slowly begin to heal. In 1970'er 1980'er years and was done outstanding research in this area.
Valerie Hunt's work brings them together.

Technology and industry, medicine led away from a personal experience to trade. Sales of biochemical preparations from plants is the most striking example. Physics, however, a mechanistic view back to a much more vital experience emerged: the importance of the involvement of humans is already part of the formal description.
The biology and biochemistry of miles even after this change of opinion. Dar is still hoped that mechanistic reductionism through the basics of life from matter can be explained. DNA testing is an example. But it is more than understanding the parts of the organism - which are made by the organism itself, not in the context of the organism, nor the consistency in the area.

The rest of her chapter lists the researchers, bridge beaten Ross Adley (the biochemical model is bankrupt, health is determined by information "), the Research Institute of Glasgow (" homeopathy works on the level of protoplasm "), Benveniste(homeopathic dilutions work "), Becker (electromagnetism determines health '), and others. For Valerie Hunt, along with her own work, the bridge of electromagnetism between consciousness and matter by three persons beaten: Robert Becker (electric wound power determines celgenezing), Candace Pert (neuropeptides constitute a communication between the cells, including self-healing) , and Rossi (neuropeptides are the basis of our experience of consciousness). It summarizes it, the work of other researchers together, which together show how "miraculous cure" just from the deeper function of the body to explain. The essence is that one should not "dood'staren the propagated image of medicine, based on the model of dead matter, and oversight, March can go back to his own perception, and its precepts in the bodyrecognize. It is about understanding how our body deals with the environment (which is the part), and how we interact with the environment working life. The measurements show that this - more than the material of the cells - our body interaction with the electromagnetic field is determined.

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